Dal Bati Churma Travel 

10 Must Try Dishes in Jaipur

In India, there are so many beautiful cities which provides unique and so tasty food. Jaipur is one of the most popular for its tourist attractions and great history of huge forts apart from all these Jaipur is famous for good food. There are so many delicious and various varieties of food which will bring water in your mouth. Here we have the top most delicious food in Jaipur. 1. Dal Bati Churma In Jaipur where ever you go, you will get this most famous and tasty Dal Bati Churma….

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masala-paratha Life Style 

12 Kinds of Bread You Can Find in a Typical Indian Restaurant

Bread is one of the various staples of Indian people. If you have ever watched a Bollywood film or visited an Indian restaurant, surely you are no stranger to these breads. Indian breads are indeed diverse, depending on the ethnic group and the area where the bread originates. Generally Indian breads are dominated by flat shapes and cooked by baking. Although at first glance it looks the same, these breads have a different name, this is influenced by the use of the ingredients and the cooking process. If you go…

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Gateway of India, Mumbai Travel 

Things to Know about Stopover in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, a state in western India, is on the itinerary of cruise ships embarking on a world tour or on the shorter circuits crossing the United Arab Emirates. This great, vibrant and contrasting metropolis has a lot to offer. But to fully enjoy a stopover in Mumbai, here are some points to consider. Top Places to Visit The Gateway of India is unforgettable in Mumbai. This monumental arch built in the early 20th century dominates the port where visitors embark to join the caves of Elephanta. These caves are home…

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Taj Mahal Travel 

Top Attractions to Explore in Golden Triangle Tour

The history of India is already quite long and old. The first occupation in this territory was initiated by the people Dravida until the year 2000 BC, when they were attacked by the Aryan tribes, coming from the Northwest. The Muslims arrived in the 12th century, but were replaced by the Mughals three centuries later. Vasco da Gama arrived in India in 1498, when the British East India Company was created, a situation that weakened Mughal power. The influence and interest on the part of the British Crown became increasingly…

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Lake Palace, Udaipur Travel 

Top 7 Palaces and Havelis to Stay In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most visited states in India and it is not by chance. Rajasthan corresponds to the image of romantic India, full of forts and palaces with the magic of women with colorful saris and desert sands as the backdrop. Rajasthan is a dream scenario. If this is the first time you are going to India, this may not be the best region to start the trip, and there are others that are quieter. However, few places can compete with it, at least as far as sleeping…

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