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What Precautions Should You Take Before And After Flooring Installation?

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It is known that a floor of someone’s house describes or defines the lifestyle and personality of the person living in it. This is because the floor’s quality enhances the condition of a house. People often want great homes, which are well maintained and clean.

The flooring of a home is what helps in keeping the accommodation intact the way it should be making it look presentable to the eye. When people do the flooring installation as reclaimed flooring or even on any other type of tile it is necessary to keep the house the way it is. This could be done with the help of some tips to know how to make the flooring look good.

Precautions that should be taken before and after flooring:

The first thing to remember is that there are various types of flooring available in the market for your home or business. It is up to you to choose the flooring that you need for your house. The process when is about to carry out and after the process is completed both these times it is necessary to take precautions to make sure that your flooring gets a great look. Here are the type of flooring and the precautions that should be taken both before and after installation-

Carpet flooring– The textile floor covering which consist of an upper level of the tile which again is attached to the backing. This is known as the carpet flooring. Before initiating the carpet flooring installation, it is essential for you to make sure that you have patched any irregularities in the subfloor. It is also necessary to check if you have put down a proper under layment. The process when completed, should be followed up by airing out your home so that all the dust or airborne particles are removed.

Tile flooring– A tile is a manufactured piece from a hard-wear material. It is necessary to prepare an excellent and good quality sub floor that is designed for the tile before the installation. After the installation, you should wipe out the whole surfaces and throw away the remaining debris.

Wood flooring– Wood flooring is just the use of various types of wood which may be both natural and artificial in the process of installation. The thing to remember before the installation is that you should take as much time as you want to replace any worm or a damaged subfloor. After the completion of the installation process, it is vital to maintain a schedule of sweeping the floor surface regularly which helps in keeping the debris away from setting on the flooring and damaging it.

These precautions can help you in maintaining your best quality flooring and your home from any damages. The house will look good every day. The only thing to remember is that reclaimed flooring or any other type of flooring installation should be taken care of both before and after the process is completed. This will make your house and flooring last longer without ruining the quality of the floor.

Travel to Kerala: God’s own country

In South India there is a state known to its inhabitants as “Land of God.” And maybe they are not wrong when it comes to a place of eternal palms lined with ancestral canals, colorful shows and a unique nature. If you want to know that other India, do not miss these reasons to travel to Kerala, the Land of God.

Backwaters of Kerala


900 kilometers of canals form a microcosm in which its locals have learned to coexist with water and between coconut trees. Passages in which to enter from Lake Vembanad , where the two main ports of departure meet: the cities of Alapphuza and Kumarakom . From here,  the famous rice boats known as Kettuvalam roam backwaters that hide errant boats, houses trapped in the middle of the tropics and even banks of ducks. The place where Earth and Heaven meet.

Its gastronomy

During colonial times, the town of Fort Kochi became the port that would make the spices known to the rest of the world, which is why this seasoning has a special importance in the state of Kerala when accompanying their dishes. In turn, the sadya is the best-known delicacy of this state. A set of boiled rice accompanied by different sauces and served on a banana leaf that will delight tropical gourmets. As a complement, nothing better than to enter into its shellfish culture with a good plate of dried prawns with cabbage or succumb to the coconut milk that mace the Ado Pradhaman, a kind of rice pudding with cashew nuts, ghee (clarified butter) and simply spectacular chocolate.


In South India , nature seizes everything in its path, especially in the famous Western Ghats , a mountain range that releases waterfalls and hides natural parks, highlighting the Periyar National Park , an area that has up to 53 tigers and 1,000 Elephants lost among mountains, nebulas and trees. If in your case you prefer to enjoy a birdwatching session , in Kerala there are up to 500 species of different birds, among which the calao or the gray heron stand out.

Paradise beaches

Although India is not a country especially known for its beaches, some of the best beaches are in Kerala. Examples like Varkala, Kovalam or Bekal , in the north of the state, are true postcard paradises where the coconut trees bend, the fishing boats jump from the rivers to the sea and the hippie vibration of old times is still perceived in their premises and environment

The Kathakali

It begins to get dark in one of the many Hindu temples of Kerala and the public congregates around the stage. An ancestral music, similar to that of a ritual, makes the room vibrate, and a man daubed with colors and makeup begins to tell a story by moving his hands to the rhythm of the music. The Kathakali, one of the most charismatic artistic expressions of Kerala , was born as a representation of Hindu epic poems like the Ramayana, becoming one of the hallmarks of the Keralan culture.

Wellness paradise

Experts say that during the monsoon season , characterized by the rains that cross India from the south of the country, our body is much more receptive to the famous Ayurvedic massage . A fact that the many wellness centers and resorts of Kerala have echoed, promoting an empire of relaxation in which to submerge in the middle of the jungle, while the rain caresses palm trees and the Land of God whispers a song.

Taste the best tea

The altitude of the Western Ghats above sea level allows the presence of some of the most impressive tea plantations in the world . One of them, Munnar , rises to 1600 meters high, becoming a delight for the curious who seek to get lost in the fragrances and flavors of the most characteristic drink of India.

Your sunsets

Kerala gives away some of the best sunsets , from its beaches to Chinese networks of Fort Kochi where the orange reaches the fishermen. A perfect haven of peace where end an exciting day taking a lassi while the look is lost on the horizon.  So, Plan your Kerala tour

Definition, Features And Benefits Of Co Working Space

A co working space is a place or area for office, desk for individual, meeting room, conference hall etc. The aim of this system is to encourage the young entrepreneur to start a new business. It helps to increase the chain supply to clients. Co working is a process to share the workplace and work environment. The place can be shared for office purpose or for event purpose. Here, different workers can work in the same place though they are not from the same company or organization. Workers can enjoy the feel of work from home. Workers from a different field visit frequently in office when they needed. In the office, they can manage an isolation place to complete the work quickly.

Co-working space is very good for the freelancers. They can arrange their working hours according to their choice. They can work in a community and not in the isolation at their homes. They will also be able to enjoy the office culture like desks, meeting rooms, kitchens. This will encourage them for better work. Apart from this work culture and energy, cost cutting is another important factor. One can rent only a desk according to his wish on a monthly basis or daily basis even on the hourly basis as well. If you use a desk shared by others cost will be minimum. Working in a separate cabin like space it will cost you more. Usually small business teams, freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs are those people who have this co-working culture. But now forward looking big companies are also adapting this culture in their business as well.

According to Spinuzzitherare, two main configurations of co working:

1. Good co worker neighbor: Co working space is a place where different works collaborate and are flowing parallel. Here you can get help from other employees those are mentioned here as a neighbor.
2. Good co working partners: the nature of association with partners means the thinking of your partner towards you and the work.
Gandini (2015) figures out two main different natures of co working – a transitional way between a freelance work and a standard work. The second one is co-working which explain the term – sharing the same workplace with different workers in the same project.
Features of Co working Space-
Co working place provides us either all or few of the following given points.
1. Co working place is a place where small, young entrepreneurs can get a wide area with table and desk sometimes with computers also.
2. A perfect workplace, where you can stay with your staffs in a comfortable space.
3. A cafe or a social place where your staffs can spend some good or social times with each other.
4. Conference rooms for office meetings when required.
5. Different workshops for different events or workshops.

If you are looking for a co working space in Delhi then you are in right place. In Delhi, new entrepreneurs are trying to raise their business. So, this type of co-working space is very demanding and useful to new workers and entrepreneurs.

Travel tips for Vacation in India

No place in the world like India to do tourism ” Namaskar “ … a magical word of welcome that awaits you as soon as you arrive and that is pronounced with sincerity, crossed hands and a nod, as a symbol of a hospitality that can not go unnoticed. A vacation in India is not like anywhere else but an experience no less than falling in love.

In each trip you can see the country, its mystery and its eternal beauty. India has everything imaginable and much more … .Travel to friendship and festivity. From the first moment he will notice the desire for a harmonious life, the diversity in the unity of the Indian people, his friendly smile and his human warmth, which will reveal the feeling of fullness that the Indian experiences in his life. He will marvel at the festivals and temples and if he is attracted to the spiritual path, India offers him the wisdoms of Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism.

The gentle and hospitable Indian people will make you feel very special. The holidays in India never end. The Indians celebrate them during the year in all seasons. The splendor and grace of Indian classical music and dances are something that words can not describe but must be experienced in person. India awaits you.

Official Name : Bharat Juktarashtra (Republic of India).

Geographical Situation : The Republic of India is located in Southwest Asia; It is bathed by the Arabian Sea, geographically composing the Gulf of Bengal. It is located between Burma and Pakistan.

Borders : Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal and Pakistan.

Surface : The extension of the country is 3,287,263 km2.

Population : Its approximate population is 1,000,848,550 inhabitants. The Indian population consists of Indo-Aryans, Dravidians, Mongols and Australoids, the vast majority. A minority belongs to more than 300 tribes of Vedic and Dravidian origin.

Capital and population : The capital of India is New Delhi. It is located in the state of Haryanna, in the north of the country; it occupies a great plain on the west bank of the yamura, as sacred as the Ganges, of which it is a tributary. The population in New Delhi is 294,150 (available only for the 1991 census).

Main cities of India : Mumbai (Bombay), Calcutta, Benares, Agra, Jaipur, Ranakpur, Udaipur.

Religion : The majority religion is Hinduism (83%); Muslims account for 11%, and Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains, the remaining 6%.

Official language : English is the most important language for being a vehicle of political, economic and cultural communications in India. Hindi is the official national language. Sanskrit is the academic language (very ancient and classical language). The nation designated 14 languages ​​as official languages ​​in their respective regions; part of them are Tamil, Gujarati, Bangali, Marathi, Urdu etc.

Government : India is a federal Republic, with a bicameral parliamentary system. The country is administratively divided into 27 states and seven territories of the Union. Each state is headed by a governor appointed by the president of the Republic for a period of five years.

Main economic resources : Agriculture is the main source of resources for a large part of the population. It is mainly based on the production of rice, wheat, vegetable oil, cotton, jute, tea, sugar cane and potatoes. Meat products are usually those from cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats. Fish is also a very important food and resource in India. The minerals that most occur are coal, iron ore, mica, titanium and natural gas among others. The industry is based on the production of fabrics, fabrics, chemicals, steel, cement, oil, etc. The service sector occupies 21% of the inhabitants of the country.

Weather in India

The climate in India varies enormously due to its wide extension. In the Himalayas, temperatures are very low with snow throughout the year; the climate on the coasts is temperate. The climate of India is determined by the monsoons: it is hot and dry for eight months of the year, and in the summer it rains copiously. It has three seasons: the winter that goes from October to March, summer from April to June; in this month begins the monsoon that remains until the month of September crossing the territory.

The electrical current is 230 Volts at 50 Hz. In some cities plugs of two and three round plugs are used so it is recommended to carry an adapter.

What to see in India

North Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. They form the northern region of India. The preparations for the trip are over and you are finally in India. This is where deep love for a woman created the Taj Mahal , where the king of the kings reigned, where the banks of the sacred Ganges become a trail of holy cities, where the silent and magnificent Himalayas rise, where five thousand years of culture await the world. Rajasthan is the beautiful state in India having so many attractions famous for its historical beauty, forts & palaces, tradition & culture, cuisine and a lots of things. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer these are the beautiful and famous cities of Rajasthan.

Scattered throughout the north of India there are thousands of monuments of the conquerors who came in droves: Aryans, Greeks, Afghans, Persians. Through the intricate snow-clad mountains, the invaders came overwhelming, some to perish, others to prevail. Popular faith holds that the soul is purified by bathing in the sacred River Ganges , a river adored by the Hindus. There are numerous holy cities on its banks, such as Varanasi, Allahabad, Rishilesk and Haridwar. The mingling among the motley crowd is one of the many fascinating and mysterious experiences that await you in India. It produces spiritual inspiration to see that one of the oldest religions in the world is still alive and with so many passionate believers. With the first light of dawn pilgrims pray on the steps of the river, women bathe discreetly in their colorful saris and children with bright smiles and dark eyes play beside them.

South Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu form the charming south where the Indian cultural heritage is most intact. It is a country of temples, of orange flowers, of music. Madras, home to one of the oldest cultures in the world, is a good starting point to get to know the south.

Cuisine in India

The unforgettable aroma of India not only consists of the fragrance of jasmine, fresh roses or sandalwood. It is also the smell of spices, so important in the local cuisine, especially in the preparation of curry. The Indian cook has more than twenty-five ground spices with which he prepares the “masalas”, which also possess medicinal properties. The meat dishes are excellent, the “rogan josh” (lamb curry), the “gushtaba” (meatballs with spices in yogurt), the delicious “biryani” (chicken or lamb with rice, flavored with orange, seasoned with sugar and rose water), the always popular “tanduri” (roasted in clay ovens).

In the south, do not miss the coconut “chutney” or the “sambar” with  “masala dosa” made with fermented rice and lentils.  It is true that Indian cuisine is immense , it can be eaten spicy or not, as desired.

Shopping in India

The Indian handicrafts has its own specialties of great beauty. The textile industry is one of the main ones of India, the silk of Benares, or embroidered in gold of Mysore. Kashmir has a long tradition of upholstery with wool carpets and silk tapestries of exquisite manufacture. The silver ornaments of Rajasthan and the hand-worked gold of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are also products of splendid beauty and great cultural roots.

The products found in India, are of great artisan variety with a wide cultural tradition in its manufacture of leather, perfumes , soaps and thousands of gift items of all kinds.

Clothing to travel to India

It is recommended to bring cotton clothes if you travel in summer and warm clothes if you travel in winter or if you plan to visit the north of the country. It is essential to wear a raincoat and comfortable shoes.


Transportation in India

By Air
 : Airplane is the one of the easiest transport used to travel in India and also one of the transports that offers more offers and possibilities for the traveler. It is advisable to make reservations in advance and enjoy as much time as possible to complete all boarding procedures at the airport. With a special ticket, you can travel for seven days throughout the country at a very affordable price.

By Train : India has a very well connected railway network, hence its prestige: it is the second largest rail network in the world. Traveling by train is very safe and cheap. You have to take into account the kind of ticket that has been chosen to make the trip, since it is advisable first class. Luxury Trains are also available in India. Such as Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot and few other.

By Road : In India besides the traditional taxi, which we know in the West, there are “Rickshaws”, a kind of tricycle with buggy; normally the cost of the trip is usually half that of a taxi. It is advisable to haggle the price before the tour. There are also the “Moto Rickshaws”. The “Rickshaws” are prohibited in New Delhi. Urban buses are not very comfortable since they tend to be unpunctual, although they are very cheap. Normally there is no problem when it comes to tracing the lines between the main cities.

To drive in India , an international driver’s license is essential , although you can get the transient by presenting a valid permit and a passport in the offices of the local authorities.

How to remove heartburn during the course of pregnancy

Pretty much on the lines of neurological disorders after pregnancy, heart burn is an order that deserve immediate attention. A lot of women are willing to bear all the pain that come along with pregnancy, but heartburn is something that really gives them a sense of shock. In case of some of them pregnancy does go on to become a curse at this point of time. In fact the couple of questions in their mind at this point of time would be howI can be healthy and get the baby out.

Heartburn is a disorder that occurs when the LED which is responsible for maintaining the balance of your stomach acids is known to leak.

Heartburn medication during pregnancy can provide relief. But there are some steps that you can do at your own end in order to get rid of the symptoms.

Reduce your diet intake but on a more frequent basis

If you overeat it adds to the problem of heart burn. As per medical experts when you overeat there is less room in the stomach to expand. If you incorporate a small diet during this phase not only you will be able to combat heartburn in the short run. This would be during the course of your entire pregnancy as well. If you go on to eat more it does put pressure on the abdomen. For example instead of 6 meals a day opts for 3 small meals. The simple reason being that smaller meals make the food easy to digest.

Do take away the trigger foods

There are some foods that would cause heartburn. It would be better if you identify them and make it a point that you banish them from your diet as well. There are some foods that are pretty acidic in nature that you can term as citrus foods. Examples would be tomato. In fact there are certain foods that you straight away are aware needs to be eliminated like coffee. Keep away from alcohol at this point of time.

The onus has to be liquids

It is a known fact that liquid foods are less likely to cause problems than the solid foods. The simple reason being that they are known to move through the stomach in a quick manner. It would be better if you could look out for liquids that offer plenty of proteins like yoghurt. Another tip would be to chew the food in a slow manner till you find that they become liquefied.

Sleep smart

In order to avoid any form of night time heartburn, It would be better that you do not eat anything 3 hours before bed time. Make it a point that you do not sleep on the left side as the stomach acids have to travel all the way up.

Perhaps the most important point to consider here is that avoid too much calcium . it does take a toll on the calcium absorption in the body.

Types of Industrial Lights Products

When one talks about industrial lighting there are actually various types of it. And each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But no matter what, a proper lighting arrangement is very much needed in any area.

So when it comes to industrial lighting products, one needs to find out some cost effective results for that. We all know that lighting is very essential in our daily activities. Also this is not only important in the domestic environment but at the work environment as well. So there are basically three categories when people talk about industrial lighting. They are general lighting, emergency lighting and supplemental lighting.

The general lighting is the illumination part or pattern that is implemented inside the facility and the supplemental lighting is that extra lighting which has more intense focus on a particular area like the work stations. On the other hand, emergency lightings are the lightings that are powered by a generator or a battery. These are mainly used when the general power is interrupted or lost.

Here are some different varieties of lamps that are mostly used in industrial lighting.

 Incandescent Lighting

These lamps are the most common types of lighting available in the market. Here and electric current in passed through the thin wire filament to create a heat which in turn produces white lights. These bulbs can be used in different lighting devices like the general lighting devices and the supplemental lighting devices. One can also install them in the decorative lighting. These incandescent bulbs can produce a very light and creative atmosphere and they can last for at least 700 to 1000 hours. They are very easy to install and they are also efficient (up to 18 lumens per watt).

High Intensity Discharge Lighting

These are also known as HID lamps and they pass an electric current through the inner tube which is filled with a pressurized gas mixture so that it can create light. These HID lights are available in three types and they are metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury. This is a very powerful source of lighting and it is most commonly implemented in general lighting, landscape lighting and outdoor artificial lighting. HID lamps mostly reaches full lightness after a few minutes that they take to warm up.

Fluorescent Lighting

It is created when an electric arc is passed through inert gas. This arc produces heat which vaporizes the droplets of mercury and then emits the ultra violet rays. There is also a phosphor coating inside the bulb that glows when it comes in contact with the UV lights. These fluorescent lights can be very efficient as it has a maximum output of 105 lumens per watt.

 Compact Fluorescent Lighting

These lamps have similar functions like the standard fluorescent lights. These can be used in regular sockets and serve as energy efficient replacement for the incandescent lamps.

Commercial industrial lighting products also includes halogen lights which are also very cost efficient. One can go for them as well.


Who doesn’t like flaunting those long and lustrous tresses with excellent volume? Well, beautiful long hairs happen to be extremely attractive and is something that women dream of. Now the long hairs happen to be extremely difficult to maintain is a belief that has been harboured by the majority as a result of which in the times of hectic schedules of modern day existence it becomes an impossible task in itself. Do away with such myths for it takes just a few tricks and easy solutions like say choosing the right kind of hair products like an ayurvedic hair colouror an Organic Hair Colour as you would call it in the endeavour to maintain those lustrous tresses of envious volume.

Learn about these natural ways to take care of your long and beautiful hair as elucidated under:

  • Go in For Organic Hair Colours: Never opt for synthetic chemical dyes that come with an array of disadvantages and leads to a number of side effects which ultimately leads to substantial damage of the tresses and scalp. Organic Hair Colour like a product or a natural colouring agent like Henna or Indigo that make for ayurvedic hair colour come with a plethora of advantages in terms of hair care. For example, Henna apart from being used as a natural colouring agent for the hair for it work wonders as a ayurvedic hair colour, henna is an excellent stimulator for hair growth. Henna nourishes the scalp and the hair while preventing dandruff to a great extent. It provides for the overall nourishment of the hair. Therefore take your pick with an ayurvedic hair colour that colours with complete care and provides for a damage free hair colouring experience.
  • Comb Your Hairs Frequently: Comb your hairs 3-4 times a day to avoid tangles that prevents breakage and the combing of the tresses helps improve the blood circulation in the scalp in an effective manner that helps stimulate hair growth.
  • Keep Your Scalp Clean: As per your individual requirements, it is important to keep your scalp clean. So if you have oily skin, make sure you wash your hairs on a regular basis with an organic shampoo that causes no damage like that of the Organic Hair Colour.
  • Make your Own Hair Treatment Mask At Home: Avoid going for salon kind treatments and instead make your own care treatment masks at home. Like add a little of Amla powder and coconut oil or apply a little of Aloe Vera on the hairs that works wonders for long hairs. For a total conditioning, repair and nourishment of the hair, Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy. It acts as a great conditioning agent that leaves the hair shiny and smooth.

Choose to Give the Hairs a Nourishing Hair Massage: Just like the Organic Hair Colour opt for an organic hair oil massage once a week at least if not twice. The beneficial excellence of the different herbs, plant extracts and essential oils can pamper your hairs in the best possible manner. A hair massage acts as the treatment mask that helps enhance the hair texture and health in an all round manner. Like Brahmi hair oil forms the traditional remedy for the complete treatment of hair problems. Brahmi helps to nourish the hair roots and helps thicken them. It helps to stimulate hair growth. Brahmi reduces hair loss, improves the health of the hair while rejuvenating it to the core.

With the right kind of products like Organic Hair Colour or the tricks and maintain long tresses of gorgeous appeal.


Amazing Study Abroad Options after Graduating

Once you are graduated from your high school, you search for better options for study abroad purposes. You are not much aware about the courses, the universities and the future prospects of studying in those universities. This is the matter of fact that the university you choose for your higher education will determine and decide your future for getting jobs abroad. Have you ever thought about it yet? Or are you still under that thinking mode? You really need to determine the factors that will enable you to get higher and better education with a brighter future ahead of you.

You have various study abroad options after graduating from your schools. But are you sure enough that these options fit perfectly in your kitty? Well, probably you are not. You might just have Google the names of a handful of colleges and universities and just a couple of study abroad options after graduating. But are you sure enough that these handful will be sufficient for you to judge the right and the best university for you.

Are you just a few steps away from getting in to the right university?

Are you just a few steps away from graduating from the right college?

May be you are not, that is why you are slightly worried thinking that this will be your best investment or not.

There are several top educational consultants in India that will guide you and prepare you thoroughly about the course, the colleges, and various other options available for you and so on about the top universities that will cater to your needs. A degree overseas can open many avenues for you. Though education abroad is very expensive, it has several credentials added to your degree thus making your future job prospects a brighter one.

Here are a few points that will guide you for top educational consultants in India –

  • These educational institution guides you thoroughly from where about of the examination and the list if colleges to giving and appearing and preparing for the examination, till you get selected in your desired university.
  • These educational institutions will provide all the necessary information for all the colleges that you want to apply and for those who have already applied.
  • You get to prepare for your desired institution from extremely talented teachers who will sail you through.
  • An education overseas is obviously quite expensive but when you get in touch with these top educational consultants, you will come to know about various offer and scholarships that the universities abroad will provide.
  • Many universities offer tailored programs that suit your study requirements and that suit those who are working as well. This is told once you join/consult these consultants.

There are many students who at the same time search for jobs while they are studying. All this information is provided to you by the top educational consultants in India.

Getting Around India: Transportation Tips and Guide

The transportation and distances in the India are something to keep in mind when organizing the trip. You may be on a map 200 kilometers do not seem to be many. But in practice they may be needed for 4 or 5 hours. For that reason, we must make plans with little optimistic.


With regard to the mode of travel around the country there are possibilities for every taste:


It is the best way to navigate between the major cities, for example, Varanasi-Delhi, Delhi-Mumbai, and Delhi-Jaipur or if you decide to go to Nepal then you easily find Delhi – Kathmandu.


It is the most popular means of transport in India. And it is not surprising since it has the most extensive network of railways and with the greatest number of workers of the world. There is such a variety of trains and classes that it is difficult to understand. For my part I tell you the most basic data: there are many night trains but also many options. It is necessary to take account the class in which you want to travel. Do you make sure that you an indian half way is to eat or a whole family that seems to go on holiday and is celebrated with a picnic.

Traveling by luxury trains offers the possibility of enjoying the landscape. To be able to walk through the station if you want to stretch your legs and have a pretty good idea in advance of how much is going to last for your trip. Without a doubt is the perfect mode of transport for long distances. Even so, it must be borne in mind that the train travel in India are not fast. For a journey of 200 kilometers may need 4 or 5 hours of travel. Trains run slowly, there are many bus stops.

It’s one more example of the way of life of the Indians. With regard to the purchase of tickets it is best to do so in advance at the station itself. In the most important there are staffs who speak English and who can help you choose the best train for each need. If not, when in doubt, you can always resort to a travel agency if you have clear the Date of the trip and that they are responsible for buying the ticket for you.


The best of this transport is that arrives there where it does the train. The worst that the roads in India are bad, that drivers are pretty and that if there is any fault there is option B. simply wait to fix the damage. It is very cheap and the most reliable are those of companies of the government whose tickets are often exhausted a long time in advance. However, if you decide to use this transport better travel by day and tightly closed the luggage that is left in the top of the bus.

Private car

Better to hire with driver (driving in India is something for which you have to be very prepared). For me it is the best option for getting around India. It is more expensive. But in a country where there is so much to see count with a car that you can carry in the shortest possible time to every corner is an advantage that payment in my case I welcome very much. You can organize the path to your liking and you know that you will be able to see all you have in mind.

On your India trip you have needed much more time to visit all the places that I knew if I had relied on public transport. But without a doubt this is a matter of taste and budget. If someone decides to hire a car can do so when you arrive in the country. Or take it hired from here through a travel agency. It is essential to ask for several quotes and indicate always the vehicle you rented; you can make differences of hundreds of rupees for the same service.


The majority of the cities in India have taxi and these are metered, although the driver can say that does not work. At the insistence of the passenger or the threat to search for another taxi, you will end up putting. But the end and as they are not updated in the low that mark the taxi driver ends up taking a complex table to calculate the final price. So it is better to ask how much do you charge to any place and haggle until you get the price that is considered correct.