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Latest Web development Framework and Trends:

IT industry is considered as one of the biggest and fastest growing industry. Every year new technologies and trends come in IT sector that makes programmers life easy. With this updated technology pattern it has contributed too many of its subparts including web development wherein it has created a huge demand for the same with web designers.  Nowadays it is not easy to satisfy customers because only online presence is not enough, users also love the websites that are more interactive and that used more updated technologies. Web design industry…

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The process of designing a Web site

1. What is sought to design a Web site? Let’s see what our goals when designing a site are. Observe first that in personal computers, many things are similar. Different programs work similarly. Typically the first item in the menu bar is “File …” or “File …”, and the last is” Help … ” or “Help …”. This is because little by little, people have grown accustomed to working in an environment like that; he is comfortable moving from one program to another and learns to take advantage of new…

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