4 effective email marketing tips for all small businesses

There are lots of email marketing tips being circulated through the internet; some useful and some not useful. Email has been around right from the internet’s early days and despite some marketers claiming that it’s dying, it’s still alive and kicking in the opinion and experience of most experts. Marketing via email is truly powerful for small businesses. It enables you to communicate personally with your clients much better than any other advert message and it’s extremely cost-effective. This article offers some tips to make it most effective for you.

  1. Subject line- The subject line is probably the most crucial factor when you are marketing via email. If your subject line does not effectively entice your reader, then the email might not even be opened and thus your promotion or message might not fall on even deaf ears. Some things you must remember when crafting a truly compelling subject line: make it truly curious; think sweet, yet short.
  1. Build lasting relationships- Marketing via email is quite excellent for making money; nevertheless, you must never be trying to sell something inside every single email that you send out. You might want to consider communicating with your clients in a manner that effectively builds trust, give them excellent value via free recommendations, advice, tips, and so on. This way your readers will always look forward to reading your emails – which translates into a much higher open rate. This is among the foremost tips you can ever get when it comes to email marketing tips for small businesses. When creating your emails, it’s an excellent idea for you to pretend that you are crafting an email to your good and close friend rather than a group of individuals. This makes your email appear more personal, and without any corporate voice.
  1. Segment your database- Several businesses have a list that contains tens of thousands, or even millions of individuals on their list. Some of these individuals are their past clients, some are their present and active customers, while some are those who have only shown interest, and so on. You might want to ensure that you get your email list segmented into a couple of varying groups, and then send only messages that are relevant to every group.
  1. Extra tips and summary- These are only some among the many tips that you should follow to get the most possible out of your email marketing campaign. Nevertheless, this article would not be complete without the following additional tips.
  • Test and measure – Always test one subject line against another, one offer against another, one P.S. against another, and so on.
  • Social media – Marketing via email does not stop with just your email list. You should also be building lists on your social networking profiles like Facebook. Several marketers keep raving about the high open rates you enjoy when you send out emails via your social media profile.

In conclusion, these are the foremost email marketing tips that will help in ensuring that your small business enjoys a much higher open rate from its email marketing campaign. Use them, and you will end up with a lot more subscribers than you expect.

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