4 Factors On Which Workers Comp Attorneys’ Charges Depend On

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If you have issues obtaining compensation for any disabling injury you’ve suffered while working, it is then time you call for a workers comp attorney in Santa Ana California. Nevertheless, if you are bothered regarding the cost of hiring the experts, you should not fret; this article offers a short guide to help you determine the factors on which the rates of the worker’s compensation experts depend on. The major factors that determine their rates are;

  1. The time that is taken before the compensation claim is fully resolved.
  2. The difference that is found in individual attorney charges.
  3. The amount you are entitled to be paid as compensation.
  4. The expenses incurred by the attorney while fighting on your behalf.

Billing method

Nevertheless, one of the most crucial factors that helps in determining the rates of these professionals is their billing method. Also, it is what determines the mode in which you will be making payments. An expert attorney who handles workers compensation cases will generally charge either a contingency fee or an hourly rate. Here is a short discussion as regards the two varying modes of payment.

  • Contingency method: Under this method of payment, you normally don’t pay any money when handing over your case to the attorney. Rather, the attorney generally demands a set percentage of the amount of compensation you will receive from your employer when you win the case. This method is sometimes used by even the best workers comp attorney in Santa Ana California when your case involves a significant amount and he is optimistic of winning. Apart from the set percentage of the settlement, you will also have to pay your attorney the amount of money spent as legal expenses. But, if you lose the case, then the attorney does not get any payment from you.
  • Hourly fee method:Some reputed attorneys charge on an hourly rate basis. In such cases, your attorney would calculate his rate per hour times the number of hours he spends working on your case. Nevertheless, if you agree to an hourly fee arrangement with the attorney, then you will have to pay the total amount due irrespective of whether you win your case or not. Apart from this, you will also have to pay accrued legal expenses to the attorney.

Whichever happens to be your attorney’s billing method, just ensure that you understand all of the varying details contained in the bill. The job done by the expert should be truly worth any amount you eventually pay. Also, you could negotiate the amount of the final bill with your attorney. Nevertheless, it is a lot better to negotiate the bill before you hire the attorney, and not after you have done so.

In conclusion, if you need the expert and professional services of a workers comp attorney Santa Ana in California, there are lots of varying professional law firms out there that you can choose from. The firms can provide you with an expert and reputed attorney who would offer truly reasonable charges and rates for any legal proceedings that he handles for you. All that’s needed is that you reach out to them.

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