4 Top Reasons For Which Men Love Wearing Skull Wedding Rings

men’s skull wedding rings

Skull rings, including men’s skull wedding rings, remind one of the bikers and rock stars with tattoos and black-painted nails. Nevertheless, the fashion began even before Keith Richards had started to wear them on stage. Even though it’s now his trademark piece of fashion, the trend cannot be attributed to the Rolling Stones’ founder and guitarist. Several centuries ago, Tibetan monks, Plato, and Herodotus took this jewelry piece as a power symbol. During the 15th century, people used skull jewelry because it reminded them of things that in turn reminded them of mortality. Queen Victoria also followed this trend, but to her, it was a commemoration of a deceased beloved one, instead of a mortality or power symbol.

It’s only during the 60s the jewelry came into the music scene due to Keith Richards and other varying rock stars’ royalty. Presently, men still feature an affinity for the edgy rings. You will discover lots of wholesale fashion jewelry featuring this design. Well, why is it so? This article offers some reasons why they do.

  1. Fashionable men’s jewelry pieces

These rings, just like it is with military and Masonic rings, are stylish jewelry pieces that are perfect for fashionable men. Today, the rings are produced from high-quality materials like durable sterling silver or stainless steel. Even, some are adorned with stones of varying colors. Every single piece exudes excellent taste and class that’s perfect for men of today. That’s why you will see lots of them ordering men’s skull rings online. Also, skull jewelry enables men to show their fashion side off, without appearing feminine.

  1. The rings enable men to express their artistic side

As with men who are quite stylish and desire to express their truly fashionable side, some men desire to express their artistic side too. As has already been mentioned, bikers and rock stars have been using the rings, and it is a means of showing that they are well into rock star music or are huge biker enthusiasts. Men are capable of expressing their personality and individualism too.

  1. They are versatile jewelry pieces

The designs of skull rings vary greatly; they could come in minimalist styles or as bulk pieces. They could come adorned with epoxy or cubic zirconia stones, or just in amazing plain metal. Some might even appear so elegant that they appear perfect when worn as an accessory to a corporate suit. There’s a skull ring for every single type of man. Its wide array of varying designs is also among the foremost reasons why men love it.

  1. They exude utter machismo

The rings make men feel strong and masculine. This is as skeletons or skulls are related to things that are hazardous and pertaining to death. Wearing one will then make it feel like one can deal with any risky thing. That said, it is an excellent piece for boosting one’s level of confidence.

These are the four foremost reasons for which you will see men wearing men’s skull wedding rings. You can always visit the websites of varying online suppliers and stores to get yours. There is so much variety of these rings out there that one must fit you.

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