5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins ToRank Your Website Higher

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins ToRank Your Website Higher

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In 2020, websites without SEO are intolerable. No matter whether it is an ecommerce window, a blogging outlet, or a service providing the online site, SEO is mandatory.

Don’t you want your targeted audience to click your website link first instead of landing on any other competitor websites? Of course, you do. And so, building a website with SEO-friendly features is what you must not ignore.

Think wisely. Today, maximum internet activity starts with a search. In fact, Google itself has declared search engine optimization as an integral part of a website. According to its Google algorithm, websites build with white hat SEO techniques are ranked higher and have better online visibility.

That’s the reason why most businesses have started adopting this by hiring SEO white label services.

Here in this article, we pay more attention to the SEO plugins that the businesses with WordPress websites are usually adopting. Have a look.

SEO Plugins that can drive the rank of your WordPress website higher

  1. Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is the most prominent WordPress plugin that is in frame for decades. The reason why millions of users have installed this plugin is because of its ability to create and manage XML sitemaps. Yoast SEO allows users to handle this even if they don’t have enough knowledge of coding.

    Apart from sitemaps, Yoast SEO helps you to identify and eliminate duplicate content. This prevents you from being penalized by Google. It even optimizes the meta titles, meta descriptions, and other factors that influence search engine rankings.

    Yoast SEO is free to use and is blended with multiple features. However, you can even access the premium edition of it for advanced tools and features.

    Some advantages of Yoast SEO that can awe you include page reviews, internal linkings suggestions, devoid of advertisements, 24/7 support, etc.

  2. All In One Schema Rich Snippets: The name itself signifies that it is a one-stop SEO plugin for WordPress websites. All In One Schema Rich Snippets improve the appearance of the web pages on SERPs, simply by adding rich snippets.

    The elements the plugin usually add are as follows:

    Videos, articles, events, images, recipes, products, people, and so on.

    Rich snippets are always beneficial for websites in driving more attention to the audience and increasing the conversion rates. But this becomes much more significant, when the website is an ecommerce one.

    Add these snippets and find the difference in the ranks of your website.

  3. Rank Math:Rank Math is responsible for managing the content of your website keeping SEO guidelines in mind. Unlike other WordPress plugins, Rank Math is efficient in building high ranks of a website as it works coordinating with Google Search Console.

    Rank Math can be used to identify SEO errors, optimize the SEO settings, and so on. It is used to manage meta tags specifically for noindex, nofollow, and noarchive.

    Some popular features of Rank Math include

    XML sitemaps

Featured snippets

Internal linking recommendations

Monitoring error pages like 404 Not Found

Local SEO

Image SEO

Rank Math is indeed a useful SEO plugin for the WordPress website, provided that you implement this plugin in the right way.

  1. SEO Squirrly: Are you not an expert in SEO? Don’t give a sad face. SEO Squirrly is designed especially for you. SEO Squirrly comes with a SEO assistance, guiding you in every step while building an SEO-friendly website for you.

    What you need to do is – put the high-performance keywords that you need to rank higher along with the content in which the keyword is placed. You will find some green lights with some suggestions popped up on the screen. Choose the one that you think will be appropriate and go for it.

    Other than your own content, with this plugin you can even analyze your competitor’s website as well. It comes up with real-time content reports, so that you can find ways to rank your pages.

    SEO Squirrly is framed with a step-by-step framework helping users to rank their business pages. The setting assistant guides you with proper SEO settings, helping you in any way to perform better.

  2. SEO Framework:SEO Framework for WordPress plugin is purposely designed for small-scale enterprises. The plugin is presented in a colored scale, helping the users to determine exactly where the optimization is necessary.

    Just scroll over the colored bars in the SEO column and you will be prompted with a short note telling you what exact changes you need.

    SEO Framework is free and does not come with advertisements. Thus you can perform your job without feeling annoying.

WordPress website development platform is integrated with multiple plugins. However, among those hundreds, these few are the best and most effective ones.

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