6 of the Top Music Instruments in 2017

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The music industry has flourished exponentially in the past few decades with a large number of music lovers joining in all the time. This rapid boost in the popularity of music instrument in recent times is helped greatly by the evolution of media and social media. People find it really easy to find demonstrations on social media platforms about how to use music instruments and how to play them efficiently. This has encouraged many young music lovers to take up various instruments in the past few years. Some of the most prominent music instruments in 2017 according to statistics are below:

1: Guitar

This one is probably the most famous of the stringed instruments in the modern times. Resembling many previously well-known instruments, the Guitar has evolved itself over the years and various versions of it including the electronic guitar, twelve stringed guitar and even double neck guitars are now available easily both online and in various music stores. The rich and pop prone playing style of the guitar has enabled it to be carried around in concerts by pop legends like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, the Beatles and also David Bowie. These legends have grown the guitar’s name above probably all other music instruments in the modern day.

2: Piano

Although more related to classic and calming music, the Piano holds its ground right next to the top instruments in the modern era. There have been musicians in the past and are still present today that hold concerts and do their performance gigs for crowds at different levels of gatherings while only playing the piano and singing with it. The piano has the unique ability to complement a soothing voice in one of the best suited ways and thus has earned its place in any top music instruments list.

3: Bodhran

The percussion instruments have been in the music history for the longest possible time. Bodhran is one of the more modern variations of the traditional drum. Mostly associated with Irish music history, the Bodhran is utilized in many more parts of the world like most of Europe, Egypt and parts of Asia as well. Traditionally the Bodhran was not available as much to consumers, but with the advent of online sellers and many more physical stores offering the instrument, music lovers now have the options to both Buy Bodhran Online and scout for them in their local music stores. Nevertheless the instrument is one of the most popular percussion instruments of the modern day.

4: Flute

The Irish have had a lot to say about music instruments in their long history. The Traditional Irish Flute has played its part in the country’s music accomplishments and is still to this day played widely by many music lovers both for recording and performing solo live purposes. Like many others, the flute has also gained a lot of popularity because of the boosted selling of the instrument both over the internet and also in music stores across various regions.

5: Sitar

The Sitar is the second stringed instrument on the list, and there is no denying its ability to compete with the very best. Mostly associated with Asian and Middle Eastern music history the Sitar has made its way across many continents and is utilized in many forms of music because of its elegant music production. The Sitar uses strings similar to the guitar that are tightly strung across its body and music is produced by plucking the strings by the fingers of the player. The player looks particularly elegant when playing it and for that reason in its early ages the instrument was used to entertain the royals and only the very rich or elite class of people.

6: Keyboard

The keyboard is often said to be a smaller version of the piano, however that might not be the case entirely. Younger people who aim to learn the piano can start with the keyboard, but by no means can it come close to the performance of the piano. We are not arguing against the efficiency and portability of the Keyboard however, it is still utilized by many younger people at general outdoor gatherings to entertain them on a smaller level. It works great to develop the love for music in younger music lovers and slowly move them towards other more efficient instruments like the piano.

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