7 Best Ecommerce Android Apps:

7 Best Ecommerce Android Apps:

The use of smartphones for e-commerce work is like a boon for consumers and app developers. Due to the increasing trend of online shopping, developers are in continued movement of offering advanced and improvement solutions in their applications. Almost every ecommerce company is having its own dedicated application to make the operation smooth and faster. 

Here in this blog you will get to know about the ecommerce android apps which are mostly in the trending. These apps are reflecting ecommerce development Company.


The leading ecommerce company is Amazon which is famous for its highest revenue in the world. Its app is providing a different experience of shopping to the user. The application is fast, light and allows searching for the different range of products reflecting different categories. The app is supporting localization which is another plus point to use this application in the local mean. 


eBay is another application which is offering seamless experience of shopping to the user. The features of the application include barcode scanning and price comparison. The app also allows you to link to a PayPal account for the smooth transaction of the money. Another feature includes notification for the updating of auction information. 


Paytm is not just an online payment application. It is also a great platform for shopping. It is a common app which Indian people like to use for the online transaction of the money. Besides that it is used for purchasing the products. One of the advantages of Paytm is that it is giving out the best cashback and other discount offers available for buyers. 


Flipkart is an Indian based ecommerce company. This app is offering all the essential features which are necessary for making out an ideal ecommerce application. The average rating of this application is 4.46 based on over 8 million ratings. This app is compatible for Android and iOS both. From time to time, it is also offering the discount and other offers for the saving of money. It is one of the best E-commerce developments in India.

Club factory:

Club factory is another ecommerce app which makes an impression on the major regions of the world like India, Europe and the United States. This online marketing app is offering all the features for the smooth shopping experience to the consumer. The average rating is 4.16 based on over 644,000 ratings. It is mainly offering the shopping market for beauty and lifestyle products. 


Starbucks app was created for the payment and reward concept but later on it was used for the tip baristas and to buy drinks. It could be also used to locate the nearby store. The app is offering a good experience of purchasing online foods and drinks. 


This is one of the most leading companies of the world in terms of fashion. The app of this ecommerce is not only available for Android but also available for iOS platform. The app features barcode scanning and sharing them on social media. The best thing is that it allows the user to search for the physical store nearby. 


So these are the ecommerce apps which are mostly used by the consumers. The online retailers are bringing more and more improvement to take out the best productivity and in the coming time the E-commerce Web development Company in India will grow more. All these apps are wonderful in providing the service in terms of online shopping. 

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