Advantages of Using VPS to host a WordPress site

Advantages of Using VPS to host a WordPress site

The flexibility and the simplicity of WordPress make it an attractive option for building blogs, e-commerce and other sites. With WordPress powering nearly one-third of all websites hosting service providers offers specialized WordPress hosting packages with different types of hosting options like shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. The best WordPress hosting is one that ensures the optimum functioning of the website at a reasonable cost.

Types of Hosting Options for WordPress Sites

While shared hosting is the best option for newcomers and small websites because of its affordability, dedicated hosting is a costly option that is suitable for websites requiring a large number of resources and security. VPS hosting in India is a good middle ground option that offers the benefits of dedicated hosting at prices that are a little higher than shared hosting.

VPS hosting uses virtualization technology wherein a single server is divided into several individual compartments with dedicated resources. These compartments are assigned to different websites allowing them to have dedicated access to the associated resources. These plans are suitable for growing businesses or websites that are witnessing increased traffic or medium-level traffic that cannot be managed by the limited resources that come with shared hosting but do not require the resources of a dedicated server. 

Users of a VPS hosting system can install their operating system and software on the server portion allocated to them. This means VPS hosting comes with a server that is both virtual and private. It also provides users with the same root-level access as provided by the dedicated server hosting.

What is VPS WordPress hosting?

WordPress VPS hosting is a VPS hosting service that has been built to meet the requirements of a WordPress site. The VPS hosting in India comes with attractive features like:

  • Automatic WordPress Installation
  • Drag-n-Drop Website Builder
  • Free domain for one year
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Free Staging Environment.

Benefits of VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS WordPress hosting plans offer several advantages for growing businesses or websites that are witnessing increased traffic and so need a little more security and dedicated resources. Some benefits of choosing VPS WordPress hosting plans are:

  1. VPS Server prices are higher than shared hosting but much lower than the dedicated server prices. This is because the hosting provider is dividing one server into many virtual compartments with each having its own dedicated resources.
  2. VPS WordPress hosting is beneficial because it allows for quick and easy installation of WordPress.
  3. Guaranteed speed and performance because the resources available are for the dedicated use of the website.  Although several users are on the same server, each one is assigned a virtual separate compartment with no possibility of the sharing of resources. Even if a website is not using the resources allocated to it, they are not allocated to another client and will remain idle.
  4. VPS hosting comes with a high level of security at affordable prices. VPS hosting plans offer security that is similar to dedicated servers. Since each VPS account is isolated within its virtual environment, the actions and security problems of other websites on the same server do not have any impact.
  5. Customization of the virtual server allows websites to optimize their performance by adjusting the capabilities and the software being used.

What makes VPS hosting the best WordPress hosting is its pricing, and the freedom it offers to the website owners to manage the operating system and software being used besides the reduced threat of malware and other security issues associated with shared hosting. To conclude, VPS hosting is suitable for WordPress sites as it offers easy installation, regular updates, besides offering more freedom and root access to the server.

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