All You Need to Know About Heart or Cardiac Transplant

Heart transplant is a surgical procedure by which patients get a new heart from the donor. It is performed on those patients who are unable to live without support anymore and their heart has lost its ability to keep the patient alive. It is generally done on those patients who are unable to live anymore and requires heart transplantation immediately and on whom every other treatment has failed and then heart transplant is the last resort for them. Generally a functioning and healthy heart is taken from the donor from a deceased person and just after the death of the person it is given for transplantation.

According to the cardiology specialist in India sometimes the heart of the patient is removed and the donor’s heart is kept in place and this is called the orthotopic procedure. At other times the recipient’s heart is not removed and instead the donor heart is kept along with it and the recipient’s heart supports the donor’s heart and this procedure is called the piggyback or transplant procedure.

Heart or cardiac transplantation is not just any treatment, but the life-saving option for saving anybody’s life. Generally people survive for at least 15 years after the surgery and only if the surgery is successful because heart transplant surgeries are very risky and can create serious complications in the body if it doesn’t go well.

Firstly, in the early 20th century only animal to human heart transplant was done and chimpanzee’s heart was used for this reason. However, later with the help of great surgeons like Norman Shumway and Richard Lower, several heart transplants were done and human to human heart transplants were also done during this time. Nowadays, with the improvement in medical science and technology more and more heart transplants can be done that can actually help the people in need and help many people to live longer.

However, it is really not easy to get a donor heart and it might take years to get one. Register yourself with organisations that can help you get a new heart easily and registered with a reputed one that has been working in this filed for many years. You can also contact famous heart transplant doctors in India who will be able to help you in this matter as they have more connections and taking treatment from them can help you because they will put you on their waiting list and this can help you in getting a donor heart easily.

After the heart transplant surgery is over, the real treatment begins because now you will need time till you can breathe properly. Within a day or two you will regain consciousness and then you will be gradually able to breathe easily. You might need to stay one month in the hospital and then you will be allowed to go home.

Even after coming back home you need to take care of yourself in every way possible. Ask your family and friends to support you in every way possible. Don’t try to eat anything other than what those items that your doctor has prescribed for you. Take care of yourself and live stress free.

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