Are you also doing these 3 gross pre-hiring mistakes?

Call it a high candidate drop off rate or one of the major pre-hiring mistakes, most of the HR are doing it. Nevertheless, we are not here to make you lament all that you have been doing wrong but just to let you know what are you doing wrong with the right solution to it.

So, let’s begin.

1. Lengthy Application Process –

You may be thinking that a lengthy application process is the best way to analyse if the candidate is the right fit for the organisation or is worth calling for a face-to-face round. But! Here is the real thing because of it you end up putting many questions and that makes the application process very lengthy, which in turn, takes away the crème de là crème candidates from you to your competitors. Probably the ones who kept the process short and simple.

Solution- Try to keep the process minimal; at least let the applications roll in. You can afterwards add the online test and ask the questions face to face. In fact, it is a great move to use HR software, it can easily analyse the resumes and suggest the right fits for the job profile.

  1. Posting only on job portals-

In no way are we saying those job portals are not of any use. They are great but have you ever observed how hard they make it for a candidate to reach out to you?

Solution- So, why not make a great career page for the candidates? In fact, such pages provide you with the list of candidates that are genuinely looking forward to working in your company. Why not speak to them first? Chatbot, a simple list of whys telling the candidates why they should work with you along with the form should suffice.

  1.  Not staying in touch with the candidates-

Mostly when a candidate is looking for a job change he doesn’t apply only to your company but many. If you want to keep the candidates updated regarding their application for the post then he or she may get a call from elsewhere and join there. This is why it is necessary to keep the candidates updated about every little change.

Solution- You can put HR software to use whenever there is a change in the application of the candidate. The software can remind you to send an email or can send an email automatically to the candidate’s mail ID.

Apart from the aforementioned points, you must also avoid giving ambiguous job descriptions, resisting technology and rushing the hiring process way too much. For instance, thinking that you can manage it all without the help of technology isn’t right as an HR software can aid you at every step of the recruitment and not just pre-hiring. You can use it to create a candidate database, to inform and update the candidates and to do a lot more.

We hope the article was helpful for you. Let us know in the comments section your views on this and ways to avoid the pre-hiring process mistakes.

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