Which Areas To Look At While Diagnosing SEO Problems and Challenges?

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Why do we trust doctors during times when our health wavers? A doctor is typically able to diagnose a problem by figuring out which area the problem exists.

When your website is getting poor organic traffic numbers, good SEOs are those that figure out where the problem lies by systematically looking for it. Given the scale of SEO, looking for where a problem exists can sometimes be as easy as cake and other times akin to looking for a needle in the haystack. There is no general rule for this process. SEOs have to work around a basic strategy and not rely too much on instincts.

To diagnose a problem, SEOs must ensure the four main areas where the problem may lie. In this article, we will briefly cover each of these four areas of SEO.

Algorithm-Based Problems

The first types of problems are those which prop up because the website is not following the algorithmic guidelines set out by Google. Given the fact that search algorithms keep changing over time, a website may get caught between changing algorithms and end up getting in conflict with the guidelines set in an algorithm.

Season-Based Problems

Sometimes, traffic problems come up because of the website is facing seasonal problems. If your website helps travellers navigate summer vacation destinations, you are bound to lose traffic once the vacation season is over. These seasonal dips are common and are part and parcel of running a website.

Technical Problems

Technical problems cover issues of a wide domain. From content problems to link issues and thin content, technical problems are a major hassle. They harm the SEO outcomes of a website immensely which is why diagnosing technical problems is the most important skill a professional must possess.

Competition Problems

Competition problems come up when a rival manages to take away a web site’s traffic by getting a better rank on a keyword. This is a common problem and can be easily analysed with the use of the right tools. This is a long term problem and one most SEOs have to deal with at some point.

In Conclusion

In this article, we cover the areas where SEOs should look while diagnosing the problems affecting their KPIs. This practice of damage assessment is natural in good SEO teams and should be encouraged amongst pros across the board. Only by knowing the source of the problem can SEOs make sure they don’t become a long-term headache.

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