Bijapur Tourist Attraction and Travel Guide


Bijapur is the city of several historical monuments and architecture located at Karnataka. It was established around 11th century by Kalyani Chalukyas. The city was formerly known as ‘Vijayapura’ means city of victory. Bijapur was ruled by Adil Shahi dynasty and then later conquered by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Finally Bijapur passed into the hands of British east India Company and was made administrative headquarters of state.

Popular tourist attractions:

Gol gumbaj- it’s the second largest dome and the most famous monument in Bijapur. It has several attractions like whispering gallery; where even small time sound can be heard long distance away, central echo chamber where sound is echoed 7 times. It also includes a mosque.

Asar Mahal- it’s beautiful building with many inscription on stones. It was built by Adil Shah in 1646. Inside the building there are several tanks and behind it there was remain of citadel.

Barakaman- it’s the monument consisting of seven arches and the graves of Ali and his queens. It has a scenic landscape view which looks awesome at sunset.

Shiva statue- it’s a new developing pilgrimage place at Shivapur on sindagi road. It has 85 foot tall statue of Lord Shiva considered as second biggest statue of Shiva in the country.

Jami masjid- the mosque built by Ali Adil Shah is the largest and oldest mosque in Deccan. It’s a grand mosque occupies an area of 116,300 sqft. The main attractions are its huge pillars and a very proportionate beautiful dome.

Nearby places:

Badami- Badami is a rich cultural heritage town in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. It is just 120 kms from Bijapur famous for its sandstone carves temples.

Aihole- consists of number of historical temples and 110 kms from Bijapur.

Pattadakal- it’s a land of various ancient temples. The city is just 134 kms away from here.

Popular hotels:

Hotel madhuban international- luxurious hotel near the gol gumbaj monument. It’s just a kilometer away from bus stand and railway station offering world class services to tourists.

Hotel pleasant stay- It’s a two star economical hotel located at Solapur road.

Hotel navaratna international- offering comfortable stay, equipped with modern facilities. It is located at station road.

Popular food joints:

Bijapur mainly offer you several south Indian and very spicy and tasty non-veg. including Mughlai and Hyedrabadi. It’s also famous for its sweet tooth milk cakes.


  • By Air- Bijapur airport is the nearest airport having all the facilities and flight from all the major cities of indie.
  • By Rail- Bijapur railway station connected to several major junctions like Hotgi near Solapur railway station. It is connected with major cities by direct train. Bijapur railway station is also stopover for Asia leading luxury train Deccan odyssey in itinerary Jewels of Deccan, Get ready to explore bijapur in luxurious way.
  • By Road- well connected to NH-13, NH-218 and other state highways. It is well equipped with several road transports.

Best things to do:

City posses an exclusives sightseeing form of Islamic architecture. One can shop hand-woven traditional sarees, handicraft and embroideries items.

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