A Brief Guide to Follow before Getting Facelift Surgery


Considering the present scenario in the medical industry, innumerable people from different parts of the world has developed a deep interest in plastic surgeries. And it is simply to look fresh, young and tender. The advancement in medical science has made it possible for the people to get under the knife to get plastic surgery and to enhance the entire outlook. One such striking procedure is rhytidectomy.

Also known as facelift surgery, this process works for improving the visible signs of aging on the face and even on the neck. This post will offer a brief guide and will be an effective one for the people planning to undergo changes in their facial appearance through surgery.

Target Areas that this Surgery Corrects

  • Deepening of the fold lines amongst the nose as well as the corner of the mouth
  • Relaxation of the skin around the face causing sagging
  • Jowls developing around the cheeks and jaw
  • Facial fat that has fallen or is disappeared
  • An excess amount of fat or loose skin around the neck that might look like double chin

Right Candidate for Facelift

It is important to note that this surgery is highly individualized procedure and one should do it just for himself/herself but not for fulfilling the desires of others. One should not go for this surgery just to match someone else’s image. Some basis criterions to qualify for this surgery are:

  • A person has to be fit and healthy and must not be suffering from any medical conditions as it might impair the process of healing
  • A person who does not smoke or has cessation smoking in recent times
  • Most importantly, the interested person must have a positive outlook along with realistic expectations.

Recovery from the Surgery

Post-surgery, the person might find a drape or a bandage around the face to minimize the possibilities of swelling as well as bruising. The surgeons might also make use of small tubes to draw off the excess amount of blood or fluid coming out. Make sure to ask a set of questions to the concerned surgeon regarding the things that one can expect during the entire phase of recovery.

  • What kind of medication will be prescribed post-surgery?
  • For how long the dressing or the bandage will remain on the face?
  • How many stitches are there and when they will be removed?
  • From when to resume the daily schedule?
  • Is it feasible to wipe out face with water and wear make-up?

All these questions will help the person to make the recovery period smooth.


It takes a minimum of 10-14 days for the person to make a public appearance but it will take around 2-3 months to have the normal faces in terms of sensibility, texture as well as loss of tightness. As soon the bruising and swelling starts subsiding, the face starts working for its visual appearance. The results also help the person to feel confident.

Steps Involved

The overall process of facelift surgery is a combination of certain steps that every surgeon makes use based on the years of experience as well as expertise. Let’s have a short brief look at the steps involved in the execution of the surgery.

  1. Anesthesia

This is to make the patient feel comfortable during the surgery

  1. Incision

It entirely depends on the extent of change in the facial expression the person wants. Usually, it different stage and they are:

  • traditional facelift
  • limited incision facelift
  • neck lift
  1. Closing the Incisions

Surgeons make use of sutures to close the incisions.

  1. Analyzing the Results

This is the time when the person discovers a new self.

Make sure to have a consultation with professional surgeons to make the surgery grand success and to have best results. Having enough considerations about the pricing and other related charges are also important for the person to have favorable results.

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