Everything Every Senior American Citizen Should Know About Oral Health

In America Geriatric dentistry in nursing homes is essential for every resident in every nursing home. Taking care of your gums and teeth as you get older can prevent problems like tooth decay, toothaches, and tooth loss. When you have a healthy mouth, it becomes easier for you to enjoy food and eat well. It is important to take care of your gums and teeth if you have a health condition like heart disease and diabetes or if you are taking medicines that can cause severe health problems. Here are some important steps that every senior citizen should know.

Floss or brush your teeth every day

Flossing and brushing remove a sticky film of bacteria or dental plaque. If you have a buildup of plaque on your teeth, it can cause gum disease or tooth decay. Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day. Brush before bed and after breakfast. Geriatric dentistry in California nursing homes department should know of any difficulties for patients to brush and floss their teeth due to mobility and cognitive issues.

Watch for changes in your mouth

As you get older, your risk of getting oral cancer also increases. If you see any changes in your mouth, you should get them checked out. If you have a spot in your mouth, throat, or lip that feels uncomfortable, notify a dentist or a doctor. You should also notify a doctor or a dentist if you have a red or white patch in your mouth, difficulty swallowing, chewing or moving your tongue or jaw, swelling in your jaw, numbness in your mouth or tongue, and pain in your ear without loss of hearing.

Do regular dental checkups

Geriatric dentistry in nursing homes should ensure that residents go through dental checkups from time to time to ensure they have sound oral health.

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