If you use Myle pods then you understand what it means by getting the most out of your e-cigarettes. One way of getting the most out of your e-cigarettes is when your vape coils last longer than usual. A new coil lasts between one to two weeks. Most e-liquids leave a thin residue film when they are vaporised. The residue builds up on your coil or clogs your device. Here are some reasons why you should regularly clean your device.

Make your coil and tank last longer

Regular cleaning of your coil and vape tank helps to extend their life while irregular cleaning harms the life of your coil and vape tank.

Better performance

When you clean your device regularly, you take care of built-up residue that may ruin the test of your e-juice. In some cases, the residue might clog the air vents and cause overheating and dry hits. You might think that you bought poor quality Myle pods online when, in fact, it is you who isn’t maintaining your products.

You get flavour

People enjoy vaping when they get the feel of the flavour. When you clean the tanks and coils of your vape, you enjoy the vaping process more than using a device that hasn’t been cleaned.

When to clean your device

Your maintenance and vaping habits after each use can either reduce or extend the lifespan of your device. You should clean your device when you notice a burnt taste while vaping. Another sign to clean your device is when you experience traces of an old flavour affecting the current flavour except when you want to experiment with a blend of two or more flavours.

It is advisable to clean your Myle pods regularly. There are two types of cleaning. The first one is a quick clean where you use warm water while the second one is a deep clean where you use unflavoured alcohol.

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