What Makes a Commercial Refrigerator Different from Domestic Refrigerator


When it comes to the differences between a commercial and a domestic refrigerator, you may not find it obvious. 

Over the years, a large number of people have been using this sort of commercial appliance in their home’s kitchens. 

This way, it has led to an increase in commercial fridges’ sales. It is majorly because the commercial fridge is found to be more reliable and versatile than the one meant only for residential use. It is their roles that set them apart. 

The residential fridge is manufactured to keep food quantity for an average family needs. On the other hand, commercial fridges are employed in the food industry to store a large amount of food supply, especially for a business. 

Thus, the question is – should you settle down on a commercial fridge and not a residential one? Before making a buying decision, you may know the basic differences between these models so that you may decide the best choice later. Continue reading! 


  • Size and layout 

If we talk about some best refrigerators like a best LG refrigerator is created in a way to accommodate more food. Hence, they are used in multiple hotels compared to residential fridges. They are loaded with more drawers and even freezer space with adjustable shelves. You can go for a commercial option if you have a bigger space in your home/kitchen to install a bulky appliance. 


  • The looks 

You may have probably noticed that the looks of fridges that are being used in a hotel/restaurant almost look similar. Most of the refrigeration models being used in the food industry flaunt exterior that is made up of stainless steel. On the other side, the residential models are available in multiple shapes, sizes and materials. This way, you are able to pick up a fridge that matches your choice of colours, finish and material. 


  • Cooling capacity 

The function of the best refrigerator brands any fridges – be it residential or commercial – is to keep items that are kept under them cool. Both kinds of fridges may have the same motto, but the cooling capacity of a commercial fridge is robust. What’s more, they also have powerful processors that can keep the consistent temperature even when you keep opening it at regular intervals. 


  • Maintenance and upkeep 

Another thing to consider before you decide between a residential fridge and a commercial one is their overall upkeep and maintenance. It is vital to note that the regular maintenance, checkup and repairing of fridges that are used in the food industry is of utmost importance. Hence, you must make all efforts to ensure that refrigeration maintenance is conducted frequently by certified commercial technicians. Taking their services will definitely cost you more than residential refrigerators.

On the other hand, refrigerators that are meant for home use don’t need frequent maintenance as such. If you are able to clean it from inside and outside, defrosting (single door) time to time, then you won’t need to take the maintenance services. Thus, it is one of the key differences between the two and may let you decide which one to go for based on your needs and budget. 

Before you buy a residential or a commercial fridge in India or elsewhere, you should ensure to know your needs, the space that you have to install it and budget. If a residential or a commercial fridge is able to match your requirements, then you can consider buying one. 

But being unable to buy the best fridge may still be far off because of the availability of so many models across leading brands. Thus, it would also be better to shop around on a third-party website and then bring home the most suitable device

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