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Different Types of Heart Surgeries for Coronary Diseases

Heart diseases are really scary. When your age grows, the risk of heart diseases increases. But, today, the lifestyle of young generation is changing. Too much stress of life, unhealthy food habits, and speedy lifestyle are bringing heart risk to their life too. That’s why heart diseases are becoming much common in men as well as women. Once the diseases are treated at first stage, it is possible to cure with medicine and by maintaining a proper lifestyle. But, often things get too much serious and there remains no second option than heart surgery. And therefore, you need to know heart surgery cost in India.

Initially, heart surgery only defines to open heart surgery. But, today, the medical science has improved a lot and now, surgeons are going for different types of heart surgeries. Today, you will get information about different types of heart surgeries.

  1. Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization

If you are suffering from angina, there is no other treatment than this surgery. Here, a small incision is done on the chest to open the heart muscle. Then a high-energy laser is used to make 1mm channel inside the heart. The outer areas are closed, but the inner part is kept open to improve the blood flow in patient’s heart. Patients, suffering from angina, can be cured completely. There is a report that this surgery can improve blood circulation in your heart by creating new tiny blood vessels which can cure angina faster.

  1. Heart Transplant

When your heart fails to perform its function, there is no other way than transplanting your heart. Here, the diseased heart is removed from the patient’s body and replaced with a healthy heart of a donor. This type of operation is for those who are at the final stage of heart failure.

  1. Replacement of Heart Valve

This is an open heart surgery. Here, the surgeon opens the chest and heart to remove the damaged valve. Instead of the diseased valve, a prosthetic one is replaced there. As technology has advanced a lot, today, this surgery can also be less invasive as a small incision is made near the breastbone to attach the prosthetic valve.

  1. Arrhythmia Treatment

Often arrhythmias are not that much serious. But, when it becomes so, that can be life-threatening. A patient, suffering from abnormal heart rate, cannot pump enough blood to other body parts. This may damage your other organs and even brain. Usually, the common treatment of arrhythmia is to place a pacemaker. This is a small device that is placed under the skin of your chest. This device sends electrical pulses to help the heartbeat to catch normal rate. Other than that, there is another way to cure arrhythmia. This is through implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).

So, these are certain surgeries that can be done to cure heart diseases. But, these are for final stages. If you take care of your heart from the beginning, it will stay healthy and strong. Maintain a healthy lifestyle for that and be happy.

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