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Dry Cleaning A Wedding Dress; Why It Is So Important?


Wedding dress, though seldom worn over and again, remains one such dress that everyone wants to keep it for long. The brides want to keep it till their last breath if possible or even some like to hand over it to the next generation as a precious gift. If you are someone who falls in this category, you must know why dry cleaning a wedding dress is important.

No wonder, you don’t dry clean every dress. But a wedding dress is not like every other dress you wear. It has to be specially treated for a number of reasons and that is one of the reasons why you should dry clean it with proper care.

Unlike every other dress you wear, the wedding gown is the most precious one; not just because it is the costliest of all. Other than the high amount you pay for it, you have a sentimental attachment to it as it always symbolizes the most important event in your life.

It remains the remnant of your big day, and always reminds you of your style, charm and narrates your love story to the generations to come.

So in no way, you can ignore this dress. It should be treated with a touch of special care. Timely dry cleaning can help you preserve the dress for a long with a fresh look for years.

Extra care for your special dress

One needs to give a bit of extra care while dry cleaning a wedding dress as all the wedding dresses are made of very delicate materials and fine fabrics which require special attention. The trims, beads, and other delicate particles should be treated with care.

If we do not treat them properly they will not last for long. It might also result in stretching, yellowing, and fraying. While wearing a dress, it is getting contaminated by various things like sweats, make-up particles, food and dress particles, etc.

Even some of these might not be visible to human eyes, but they could harm your dress. So to avoid this, you should either preserve your dress or dry clean it as early as possible.

These cause mildew and bacterial growth. Before this harm, your dress consider dry cleaning your wedding dress as soon as possible. Sometimes, we may not notice this and this will cause all the damages before we come to know. This is one of the reasons why we say that we should give our wedding dress for dry cleaning at the earliest.

As you can see, only a professional knows what the best for your wedding dress is. The method of dry cleaning should be based on the fabric and other adorning elements used in the gown. If you do not choose a reliable dry cleaner there could be reasons for damage.

It is good if you can hand over your wedding dress to the shop itself if they provide preservation services. Some shops offer this service in association with other reliable preservation companies.

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