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Flower delivery tips: What makes a good bouquet?

The history of the bouquet can be traced back to ancient times. Women used to carry aromatic bunch of herbs and spices to ward off bad spirits. During the time of Greece and Rome, men and women wear garlands of plants and herbs to symbolize their new life together. Today, modern bouquets are no longer made up of these things. Bouquets are now major accessories for brides and can make or break their wedding look.

But what makes a good bouquet and how will you know that the bouquet that you’re about to buy is the best there is. Below are some tips on spotting one.

The dress before the flowers

If the bouquet is for a wedding then it will be smart to choose the dress first before the bouquet. Any beautiful dress won’t make sense if it doesn’t look good on the dress that you are about to wear. If you are already sure on your wedding dress, then it’s time to choose the flower arrangement.

Choose flowers that are in season

Of course we are all visualizing our own version of a perfect bouquet. But what happens if it’s not in season during your special day? Identify the date that you’re going to use the bouquet then see the selection of flowers that are going to be available. Check with your florist and ask them which ones are going to be available.

A symbolic bouquet is a good bouquet

Whether it’s for your wedding or it’s a simple gift to a beloved, a symbolic bouquet is very special. Flowers and ornaments have different meanings so it’s fun to look up which ones will represent what you are feeling or what you want to share. For example, classic roses means love and passion while baby’s breath means innocence. These flowers are messages to your beloved so be careful on choosing the flowers that will represent you.


Aside from searching meaningful symbols, adding your own twist to your chosen bouquet makes it leaps better than others. If you are giving the bouquet as a gift then add some trinkets that can make the person that you’re giving to smile or laugh or maybe cry. There are tons of flower delivery services that offer personalized bouquets that are fit for your needs.

Choose colors

The perfect color scheme can also make or break the whole look of the bouquet. Choose colors that fit the theme of your dress (if it’s for a wedding). You can also choose it based on the favourite colors of your beloved. It’s just simply more meaningful if you add your own spin to the traditional bouquet.


Having a bit of texture to your bouquet can also make the whole bouquet more Instagram worthy. Achieving this means adding heights or other non-traditional ornament to the game and make it come alive.

Bouquet shapes

The shape of the bouquet is also important. Bouquets can be decorated in different shapes and sizes. There are no strict rules to follow but just make sure to not go over the top especially if it’s for a wedding. You wouldn’t want the bouquet to overshadow the dress and the look.

Choose a trusty florist

It’s also important to choose a florist who you can trust. Share your thoughts and style to a good florist. Choose a florist who has a creative mind and also knows how to listen. Collaboration and communication are key factors in order to create the perfect bouquet for any occasion. So always look for someone who you can trust into.

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