Gadgets You Should Consider Renting For Upcoming Trade Show

Standing out from the crowd while at a trade show is difficult. There are a number of exhibitors and companies showcasing their products and services. So, how can you compel the attendees to visit your booth among all? You need to put extra effort and try something out of the box. The uniqueness and creative use of latest IT can be a great bit of reason for the audience to visit your booth. Here, I will put light on some of the gadgets and IT you can use smartly in your booth to grab visitors attention. Let’s roll forward:

Charging Station:

A charging station providing the facility of mobile and other gadgets charging can be a very effective source of attraction among the audience. You can also decorate it for use as a marketing tool. A charging box can be a very effective marketing tool if used in smart and efficient manner. Most charging stations come with stands, you can easily decorate the stand with some kind of marketing material for your booth. Any person, if one just enters your booth to charge his phone will spend some of his time near your charging station, you can cash this time by providing some information about different services and products in form of marketing material charging station is decorated with. You can also use your charging station to conduct short surveys.

Booth Characters:

Some people hire booth babes for their booth, but it is not a very professional and engaging way, you can do it more interestingly by using a character actor for your booth. It seems odd somehow for a professional event but it really works to a great extent. Just brainstorm the latest trends and happenings in your locality. Get an actor roll your social media campaign for you. Character actor can be a great source of attraction for the passersby.

Novelty Items:

Giveaways are interesting for everyone as anyone would like a free item. These free items can be a source of attraction for your booth as well as very useful marketing products. While selecting products for free giveaways make sure to give such items which will be used regularly by people. Also invest in such items which are longer lasting, as more they come of use to a person the more they market you. Pens, breathing mints, chargers, pen drives, key rings, water bottles and fidget spinners are the some of the products you can use to give away free.

Rent a iPad:

iPads soon after their release took the world with boom and now they have become a necessary part of some positions at professional spaces. But iPads are not only useful in offices; they are very useful and productive if used in a trade show. Now why you should rent is that you would be using iPads for a very short time periods if you are buying for this purpose. Also, the cost of an iPad is very high and continuous updates make previous models obsolete after some time so instead of buying straight away you should consider rent a iPad services from a company near you.

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