Greatest Starts in the Pop Music

Pop Music

Pop music, or the one we know as pop music, is a genre that dates back to the 1950s. It is basically a derivation of rock ‘n roll, or a contemporary macro musical genre that includes some subgenres belonging to the popular song.

The term “pop” therefore derives from the abbreviation of the English-speaking term “popular”, which in Italian we translate as “popular”. Below, we will briefly review some significant stages in the history of pop music. If you love this kind of music, surely you will be curious to continue reading this short section of musical history.

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The origin

First of all it is important to remember that pop music was born in the 20th century. It embodies a series of musical trends that stand out for their remarkable catchiness, extreme simplicity of language, and a strong commitment to the theme of short-lived pieces.

Moreover, in this genre, the melody is used abundantly, the musical times are even and the strophes alternate with refrains. In pop music, the rhythm is simple and the background music is not very elaborate.

This innovative musical genre has been able to enter the market thanks to the organization of numerous concerts and events. Moreover, the worldwide spread of this music through radio and television broadcasts has made an important contribution to the rise of the genre.


Pop music has been a great success since the 1960s. During this time, a phenomenon called “plugging” occurred. This term indicates a theoretical standardization practice, which is based on the continuous proposition of a passage by the media.

  • Pop music aims to arouse in the audience emotional reactions closely related to the recognition factor, through the presentation (in the form of melodic passages) of topics generally inherent to the theme of romantic love.
  • For this reason, pop music had to be accessible and accessible to a wide audience. It also had to pursue a market logic that was to counteract the so-called “committed” music.

Pop music in Europe and Italy

In Europe the Beatles music group appeared on the stage. The four boys of Liverpool constituted a real phenomenon for British music in the mid-60s, exporting it all over the world.

  • Italian pop music, on the other hand, is generally defined as “light music”. Before the British invasion, the definition of pop music was almost unknown to most. It took hold following the fame won by groups of foreign origin.

We currently use the term “pop” to define international commercial music. Among the greatest exponents of the genre, we remember the king of pop par excellence, or the great African American artist Michael Jackson, who died a few years ago. The soundtracks will make you travel there.

The most famous artists

In the 70s and 80s, pop music became a prominent genre thanks to numerous artists and musical groups. Among the most famous soloists we remember Elton John, David Bowie and Eric Clapton. As for the bands, it is impossible not to mention Queen and Abba.

In the 80s we see the absolute protagonists of the likes of BIlly Joel, Madonna, Michael Jackson himself, Bruce Springsteen, George Michael and many others. Among the musical groups we remember the timeless Depeche Mode, the Dire Straits by Mark Knopfler and the U2.

Even the 90s saw the appearance of many artists still active, such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The band that remains at the top, despite having decided to dissolve years ago, is the one led by the Gallagher brothers, or Oasis.

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