Household Pressure Pumps Are the Only Solution Where Gravity System Failed To Create Pressure


The Australian water industry had been supported strongly by the renowned Electric Company of Franklin that developed and manufactured few systems and components that aid in moving water automotive fuels. The company achieved the reliability of the customer as a technical leader. This Electric Company of Franklin became worldwide famous through their innovative discover ‘The Franklin Water Pumps’.

This water pumps have been used in different industry like residential, industrial, municipal, commercial and fuel applications. These are typically installed for residential clean water, residential waste water, and commercial and municipal water systems. The pump company provides the submersible motors, drives, controls and protective devices.

 The Pumps Meet the Requirement of Domestic Purposes

The pumps are used for variety purposes mainly for domestic use. The Pump Place Team are expert in  the supply and servicing of water pumps for domestic customer by offering a wide range of quality brands. They provide their service with reliability and value. They supply Franklin, Lowara, Ebara, Grundfos and DAB water pumps for domestic supply. They give the best protection and advice to the customer.

Where rainwater tank or gravity fed system fail to supply the required pressure, Franklin Water Pumps are the solution to help the customer. If people want to harvest rainwater for using in the garden or want to install water filtration system they may take the knowledge of the company. The household water pumps include electronic pressure system pumps, submersible pumps, rainwater switch system and hot water circulator pumps. Beside this pumps are used for flushing toilet and supplying water for the different appliances of the house including laundry. For garden use they have a single hose to pumps for servicing a large garden irrigation system.

The Commercial Pumps:

The company selects the commercial pumps, environmental equipment with reasonable price and supply the best choice of equipments the customer need for their sampling and purging. Franklins Electric, Proactive, Campbell Manufacturing and Grundfos Commercial pumps are the best. Grundfos CRN and CR pumps are well to a variety of commercial claims.

Agricultural Water Pumps:

To cultivate anything without adequate water supply is impossible. Only a reliable water pump may help the supply system for transferring water from water wells, tanks, lakes streams or river towards farm land, animal shelters or crops. DAB jet pumps are the most desirable here for their self priming function and suction capability. They are suitable for irrigation and wash down the applications also.


People can keep faith on The Pump Place of Franklin Water Pumps because they are the dedicated pump specialist who can handle all types and brands of pumps. It has the materials and expertise to guide people. Their knowledge is backed up by the highest commitment to quality customer service. So this moving water company helps people in their need of boosting up the water pressure for household, irrigation, livestock and other commercial purposes.

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