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How do you choose thermal innerwear?


Thermal innerwear becomes very popular at the beginning of cold weather and not only among women but also among men. About ten years ago, only professional athletes wore such innerwear, and today it is available to everyone despite their gender and age. This type of clothing has already managed to grow with various myths about its main purpose. Therefore, today we will understand how to choose thermal innerwear, as we rely on the advice of specialists, as well as become familiar with its properties.

What is thermal innerwear?

Outwardly, winter innerwear for mens looks like the most common t-shirts with short and long sleeves, shorts, turtlenecks, leggings and underpants. The most important thing about such things lies in the type of material and type of weaving used during production.


The main task of thermal innerwear is to provide thermal insulation and moisture removal. Polypropylene is considered an ideal material for making such garments as it does not absorb moisture at all. To make such innerwear more comfortable for the body, a little wool or cotton is added to it.


To achieve a thermal effect, manufacturers use two methods of weaving fibers: Weaving in a longitudinal fall or stitch. It is used in the use of polymeric materials.

Waffle weaving

This technology involves a thick air gap in which linen heats up perfectly, but moisture is not removed well enough.

Basic properties of thermal innerwear

To accurately choose thermal innerwear for yourself or your loved ones, you need to thoroughly understand its properties. These include the following:

  • The current manufacturers do it not only separately for women and men, children and young people, but also for unisex models.
  • It is intended for active, passive and semi-active hiking.
  • Depending on what lifestyle a person leads, he can choose clothes designed for a high, medium and low level of activity.
  • Thermal innerwear is only the first layer in a full-fledged multi-layer system, so you will not be able to achieve the desired effect by wearing it without properly chosen outerwear.
  • For training, hunting or fishing, clothes are placed on top of him that have good thermoregulatory properties.
  • The standard set includes a long-sleeved turtle or t-shirt in combination with shorts, leggings or trousers.
  • In addition to thermal innerwear, special gloves, hats, tights, socks and even insoles are usually purchased.
  • Sports thermal innerwear is divided into three categories – for surfers, for skiers and for skaters.
  • A characteristic of thermal innerwear is the minimum weight and volume. In all parts of the body the tissue has a different density, i.e. that it is thin under the armpits because this is where a large amount of sweat is released.

The main advantages of thermal innerwear respectively can be considered:

  • Unique ability to keep warm.
  • Conclusion of excess moisture.
  • Stealth under clothing.

Thermal innerwear for men

Both sports and casual winter inner wear for mens that have the necessary qualities are sold today. As a rule, men do not love to have many layers of clothing, but it is important to prevent hypothermia in the winter. You can buy a turtleneck or T-shirt and underpants made of special heat-resistant fabric that provides a high degree of comfort while wearing and which perfectly keeps the heat, even in the most terrible frosts.

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