How to Clean the Bus Tyre?

Many people aren’t very much serious when it comes to cleaning the bus tyre. Astonishingly, people carry a mindset that it’s their job to roll-over the dirty roads. One should realize that tyre is the only part of a vehicle that’s in direct contact with the road. Therefore, it should be given more importance as it’s carrying the entire heavy vehicle along with the passenger. First of all, let’s check out what you exactly require in order to clean the bus tyre;

  • Large Bucket
  • Water Hose (High Pressure)
  • Special Tyre Cleaning Solution

Step 1: Water it With Pressure

Begin with blasting water on the dirty bus tyre. Tyres usually carry the most common dark brown deposits of dust & grime that collects and solidifies on top of these. Just try to soften it with the high-pressure hose and make sure to blast off all the grime from the rim as well.

Step 2: Clean the Rim

Get the two brushes, one having soft bristles and the other with harder ones. The soft bristled brush will be used to clean the wheel rim whereas you can use the hard bristled brush to clean the bus tyre. Scrub it well and rinse down as much dirt as possible. Then just use the microfiber cloth to dry the tyre and rim. Don’t use the synthetic cloth as it will not help in absorbing the water.

Step 3: Just Wait until Dry

Once you are done cleaning the Falken tire with microfiber cloth, just wait until the tyre dries completely. You can use the wax pad (usually comes with a wax box). Polish the tyre with wax paste the same way as you would your car. Let it be as it is until the paste dries. The paste will actually protect the tyre alongside preventing all the mud and dirt from sticking to it. This way, the bus tyre would look clean for as long as possible.

Step 4: Tire Dressing

It’s time to apply the tire dressing now. Simply dress the tyres with tyre dressings (water based solutions), which is manufactured to protect the tyres and make them seem as good as new. Normally, this dressing is available in the form of spray. Therefore, you simply have to spray it upon the tyre carefully. It would be great if you follow the instructions written on the bottle and then apply the tyre dressing. It’s recommended that one should apply 2-3 coats and give it a while to dry in-between coats. Once you are done with all the coats, now just wait for the dressing to dry completely before taking the vehicle out.

In a nutshell, the best thing about this particular cleaning method is that you won’t require to give that much time on the next tyre wash. In fact, one wouldn’t need to do the whole scrubbing, waxing and dressing as long as the dirt doesn’t show up prominently. It’s recommended to repeat the process at least once in 2 months in order to keep your tyres clean and bright.


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