Tips On How To Lower Electric Bill In Winter

how to lower electric bill

If you are looking for tips on how to lower electric bill in winter then you are on the right page. The colder months bring higher electricity bills for businesses and homeowners. If you live in countries that experienced harsh winters, it may be more expensive to heat your home in winter than to cool it in summer. What is more, a lot of people are at home in the winter months and this can drive up the energy use. It is important to know how to save electricity in winter if you want to lower your bills. Luckily, we have illustrated a few effective ways to conserve energy during winter. 

Weather-strip your windows and doors 

If you are wondering how to reduce your bills in winter, you can seal out drafts. Your windows and doors can leak out a lot of heat but you can stop this by installing quality weather-stripping around them. Door sweeps also seal the space between the door frame and the bottom of your door. Draft toppers can give you a measure of protection from severe cold. 

Use a smart thermostat 

Smart thermostats provide a high-tech way to save electricity during winter. Savings from a programmable thermostat come from the ability to optimize and fine-tune when your furnace is functioning. You can program it to turn down whilst you are sleeping or when you are away and then set it to warmer temperatures before your arrival. You can lower your electric bill in winter without compromising comfort. 

Close the damper when you aren’t using the fireplace 

It can be a wonderful end to the winter cold when you relax in front of your fireplace but the heat could escape through your chimney. You can save energy by installing an efficient fireplace and even switching from a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace. Installing a glass screen will make your fireplace energy efficient. It radiates the heat from the fire and prevents warm air from being vented out of the chimney. 

Inspect and maintain your heating system 

You should schedule an annual HVAC system checkup before winter to ensure that your system is ready to run efficiently during winter. A check-up will find problems early enough and save you from the discomfort, inconvenience, and expense of a breakdown during a cold snap. You should do regular checkups to increase the lifespan of your system and reduce your electric bills. A smooth-running furnace does not have to work as hard to warm up your home. 

Do not block your air vents 

If drapes or furniture are blocking your vents, you are overloading your furnace and making it work harder than it is supposed to. Blocked vents will increase air pressure in the ductwork of your home, which can create leaks and cracks.

Clearing your vents will ensure that every room in your house is getting excellent circulation and that your system is functioning as designed and this is one way how to lower electric bill. If you block a vent with furniture, you should use a cheap vent extender to direct air from the room.

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