How To Start An Instagram Blog


Starting an Instagram blog is not as difficult to start as it may seem to you initially. It requires no experience and you can learn things at your own pace. It is appropriate to call it microblogging as there is a character limit of 2200 words for captions that you post, unlike a traditional blogging platform. Many people start Instagram blogging with the intention of selling products. It is a good platform to market your e-commerce store and advertise your products. So let’s delve into how you can start an Insta blog instantly!

Create an Account On Instagram

It is free to create an Instagram account and hardly takes a few minutes to do so. You should always pay special attention to what your username should be. While you can change it later, you may still want it to be able to capture the audience’s attention. Many bloggers use their own full names to create their own personal brands. To create an account you need to first download the app from the play store or app store. Then tap on the Instagram icon to open it once it is installed. You can choose to create an account with your email address or your phone number, whichever you prefer. You will then have to create a username and password and make your profile public.

Choose a Niche That You Like

It is very important to come up to the expectations of your audience. This will ensure the consistent growth of your followers. Your content should be specific to your niche because that is what your audience expects from you. If you blog regarding traveling, and one day you decide to put up an educational post, it may not receive the kind of response you expect from your audience. You create a specific niche of your blog so that the people who follow you know what kind of content they are following your blog for. It is possible to change your niche later but it is often not sustainable to do that. It is better that you choose a broader niche. You can later upgrade to a website once you establish blogging on Instagram.

Create an Interesting Bio

The bio is one of the most essential parts of an Instagram blog. It is a short description that your audience see first on your Instagram page. While viewers can view your pictures, stories, and captions to keep them updated on your activity, a bio is something that introduces you to new audiences. However, you do not have to exceed the word limit of 150 words. This area will basically let your new followers know the purpose of your blog so you can create a good first impression on your followers. So take your time to write out a good bio. Make sure it is specific to your niche and only attracts the audience who would appreciate your content.

Have Good Quality Pictures

Instagram is a platform that mostly showcases pictures and videos. Make sure the photos you choose to put up on your blog have a theme that goes with the identity of your blog. The aesthetics of an Instagram blog look best when consistent. It also allows a cohesive look for your profile. You may be worried about having so many pictures of your own but don’t. There are many websites where stock photos are available and are free. However, there may be some which may have some restrictions. The more appealing your pictures are, the more your follower engagement grows.

Have a Captivating Post

The blog post that you put up on Instagram is called a caption. There is a word limit of 2200 characters, unlike many other blogging platforms. Some bloggers may find this restricting as compared to posting content on their own websites. However, some may also find it much more interesting as they may need a word count lesser than 2200 to tell their story. It all depends on what catches the attention of the reader. The first few lines of your caption are the most important as they decide whether or not a reader will keep reading further. Make your post worthwhile for the reader to stop while and read asthey are scrolling. You can try writing out an emotional caption, or a witty quote, or just a daily life hack. As you end your caption, ask your readers to let you know what they think about it by a certain action, such as liking the post or commenting their own opinions. Make sure you break down the post into paragraphs so the post is not cluttered. It is usually difficult to read a huge chunk of text all at once. Make sure you remove any grammatical errors and properly format your post before you upload it to your Instagram blog.

Use Hashtags

You may have often seen people writing a phrase or a word preceded by a hash sign. These hashtags have a lot of advantages when people want to search on a specific topic. For example, you may enter #traveldestinations2021 and you can get all the places that have been popular tourist destinations in 2021. Hashtags can be used in stories as well as in post captions. For posts, you may only use up to 30 hashtags, while for stories you cannot use more than 10. Even those who do not follow you can see your content if they search for the hashtag you used. You may use certain apps that will let you know the hashtags relevant to your post and niche. As soon as you have reached the 30 hashtags Instagram will automatically stop you from typing further.

Final Thoughts

Most of us want to start an Instagram blog however we hesitate to do so because we don’t know where to begin. This article is a guide to starting your own Instagram blog. All you need to do is find the Best Internet Packages for your internet connection.

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