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How To use MacKeeper

Due to the unique features, strengths, and utilities of Mac, the serious computer professionals are looking for them. These are high-quality  devices that suit the needs of the serious professionals. However, the users need to take very good care of the mac as it is extremely sophisticated, and that is why it stands the risk of getting affected by viruses of all kinds. Protecting the system from all sorts of malware, viruses, and spyware is extremely important. It is, here, that the importance of MacKeeper  is increasing each and every day.


MacKeeper is a utility software that works in a great manner with Mac machines. The software came into existence in 2009 by Zeobit, the Headquarters of the company is in the United States. However, the current version of the software was developed in 2014. With comparison to its former version, this modern version is much powerful, and that makes it safer for the Mac machines. This version has 16 components in all. Most of the components make the software increasingly powerful.   As far as the reviews of MacKeeper are concerned, most of the users appreciate the effects of the software for keeping the system perfectly safe from all harms. However, the users criticize the marketing policies of the company.


As far as the functions of MacKeeper are concerned, the software provides the following facilities to the machines:


  • System scan: It scans the system thoroughly, finds out the junk and unused files and deletes them after getting confirmation from the user. It looks into the security gaps, and removes the discrepancies that hamper and reduce the speed and functions of the system.
  • Built-in Chat platform: This is a unique feature that has enhanced the credibility of the software. Most of reviews of MacKeeper confirms that the users are satisfied with this built-in chat that connects them to Apple Certified Support professional, who answers all your queries. This facility is very good for enhancing your knowledge about the software. It can make you get the fullest advantage of the software.
  • Analysis of the report: The said report works as the base for your further communication with your Apple Certified Support Professional who explains everything for you in complete detail. The report is preserved for later use as well.
  • Result: The most important step where all the detected issues are fixed.
  • Prepares the Report: Depending upon the status and findings of the system scan, MacKeeper prepares a consolidated report and sends it to the remote system expert who manages your system.


The latest version of MacKeeper does the following thing in your Mac machine:


  • Controls Data is a unique feature that saves your data from getting mishandled. It uses ‘Data Encryptor’ to encrypt the files and save them in separate folders that are protected by a unique password. You can extract your files using the system password. You can recover the files that you had deleted unintentionally. On the other hand, the software also has the ‘Shredder’ that deletes the useless files for good.
  • MacKeeper optimizes your system. It updates the operating system from time-to-time and keeps it up-to-date. It manages all the other applications that exist on your system. However, it suggest deleting some of the applications that may cause threats to your system.


Using the software can bring unmatched security to your Mac machine. It can help your machine to maintain the best working conditions. You can always feel safe with the MacKeeper saving your system.

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