Imagine The Dentist Coming To You!

mobile dental clinic

One day a mobile dental clinic will come to you and that will be an incredible day for you, especially if you dislike going to the dentist. But for now, a mobile dental clinic will go to an old age home or care facility and that too is an incredible thing! It is often not easy for old people to get to the dentist. They struggle with transport and may be too frail or too old to drive. Plus, the idea of a visit to a dental practice may be a bit overwhelming for them. Good dental care is important for old people, even more important as people get older, and so dental care must come to them. It is an innovative and excellent idea and one that has really taken off, especially in California.

Innovation in the dental industry

We love that the dental industry has been innovative and that a mobile dental clinic near you is a real option. Most mobile clinics, and you have to check with those that are in your neighborhood, are on an appointment basis only, and do group visits. It is not always like this though, there may be individual appointment options too, so check with your clinic. A nursing home may arrange a day where the mobile dentist comes in the morning, sees patients all day at the old age home, and leaves again in the evening. And if there are more patients than time, the mobile clinic will come back, although it is as we say, on an appointment basis.

What can a mobile dentist do? They can pretty much do anything that can be done in a dental practice, including cleanings, fillings, dentures, tooth extractions and implants. Dentists at a mobile dental clinic are professional and one would think they were not in a mobile clinic at all.

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