Common Aussie Misconceptions About Information Technology That You Need To Know

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While every Aussie business needs IT support Wagga, it is important to understand some misconceptions about information technology and learn the truth. Such misconceptions make businesses make the wrong choices such as not hiring the right IT support. In this post, we will look at some of the most common IT misconceptions so that you can make the best choice for your business.

Myth: Apple Macintosh computers can’t get viruses

Apple Macintosh computers can get viruses although it is less common than Microsoft Windows. There are several reasons why this misconception is prevalent. Microsoft Windows has got the lion’s share which is close to 90% share of the computer market. This means that there are a lot of computers using Windows than Macs. This makes it possible for viruses to infect a lot of computers using windows and to spread quickly.

Computer hackers are also familiar with Windows than Mac operating systems so they can easily create malware for Windows. Macs prevent unauthorized software execution. While personal computers will not run any program they are asked to, even if it is dangerous, Mac OS block them hence limiting damage. While viruses are more common with windows, they can still infect Macs so it is important to protect your Macs with antivirus the same way you protect your Windows computers.

Myth: Avoiding viruses is common sense

We assume that everyone is familiar with viruses and if you are not, you can read our previous articles. An IT support agency Wagga in Australia can help you avoid viruses although there are measures you can take to avoid viruses such as not trusting unknown downloads, not entering passwords unless you are sure you are on the right site and not clicking on suspicious links. Unfortunately, however, these tips are not enough to secure your systems. Some of the malware that hackers use is insidious. This means that it can sneak into your computers silently and cause problems without your knowledge. Anti-viruses can detect malicious programs as soon as they arrive. With an updated premium anti-virus, you will be ready for any situation.

Myth: The cloud is insecure

While there are incidences where the cloud gets compromised in its early stages, there is an argument that the risks are not greater than those risks threatening your computer systems at your workplace. This means that your information in the cloud is safer than the information you store in another place.

Myth: One backup is enough

Large companies tend to use more than one backup for their systems. However, smaller companies don’t and this can cause future problems. Backing up your system is one of the things your IT support Wagga should start with. Some businesses back up their files in one place and forget about it. This is a great mistake. You should be doing multiple backups and storing your files in multiple locations. Having a single external hard disk at the same place as your main system doesn’t offer a reliable backup. Apart from backing up to the cloud, you will need another hard copy in a different and secure location.

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