The Only Guide You Would Ever Need to Explore the Ontario Region on Your Next Vacation in Canada

Lake View Muskoka Cottage Rentals

In this Canadian province of Ontario which is as large as Egypt, the least we can say is that there is a lot to see in. Lake Muskoka region has certain places that are very well known to the general public: Toronto or the Niagara Falls, Gravenhurst or Port Carling; others, a little less, like Bala or the region of Lake Muskoka itself and the hundreds of islands; and others, almost unknown that would change the meaning of ultimate vacation experience.

To make this unique vacation, it’s time to settle in comfortably at the Luxurious Family Cottage in Lake Muskoka. The rentals are the perfect choice for families as well as for couples because the attractions are within walking distance and services are standard. From thrilling outdoor adventures to delicious cuisines to incredible sightseeing, everything would be there to entertain and amaze you at the same time.

On the program: 1,650 kilometers on Ontario roads, a climb 553 meters high at the top of CN Tower in Toronto, then a dive 30 meters underwater to explore wrecks in the waters of Lake Muskoka. Once you have understood the chronological way of exploration, then it’s up to you to explore the city and continue with the Distillery Historic District. A typical historic 19th-century industrial district now converted into a pedestrian village with multiple shops with a boho-chic and design atmosphere.

In addition, scuba diving is already an epic activity in itself. But when you can do it in the clear waters of Lake Muskoka and leave to explore shipwrecks, it is an activity not to be missed. The incredible adventure of underwater exploration would turn your life upside down. Some, just a few meters from the mainland, others, much further, but all can be visited and explored according to your level, your experience, and your budget.

Your Ontario journey and probably the most symbolic could be the next cross-off from the bucket list of yours. Known all over the world, the famous Niagara Falls are not the tallest, but probably the most impressive. The tourist operation of the site may surprise, but this mini Las Vegas on the edge of the falls offers many activities that will keep tourists passing through. Whereas, keep the reservations of Lake Muskoka Cottage For Rent in advance before you leave the region for outdoor adventures as it saves you time, trouble and extra cost as well.

There is a lot to do during the day and at night. Note that the falls are located on the border between Canada and the United States. Even if the Canadian side is the most spectacular, nothing prevents you from crossing the border on foot or by car to see the show from Uncle Sam’s side.

Few hours’ drive from Lake Muskoka, Algonquin Park offers a summary of the best that Canadian nature has to offer: endless forests with incredible colors in fall, crystal clear lakes, hiking trails, wilderness camping, natural rivers, steep relief and wild fauna (it is not uncommon to come across bears, in particular). It is a huge space that lends itself to a lot of fun and sporting activities: hiking, kayaking, animal observation, cycling, camping, trekking … In short, a real return to nature in its raw state.

Ontario also has many world-class museums, each more interesting than the last and major festivals in summer. If you are there in July, do not miss the Bluesfest, one of the biggest Canadian festivals where several giant stages welcome the star groups of the moment. Besides, Lake View Muskoka Cottage Rentals would be perfect for couples as well as for family stay because the luxurious stay comes with magnificent views, modern comforts and much more. To end the evening, take advantage of the Byward Market, a semi-pedestrian area, very lively during the day and very lively at night with its bars, restaurants, pubs and concert halls.

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