Lakefront Living In The Lake Arenal Area – What to Expect

As far as Costa Rica is concerned, waterfront lifestyle is not a lofty dream. A home to a vast network of lakes and rivers, Costa Rica is the destination to fulfill your dream of experiencing life by the water. No wonder, hundreds of waterfront developments are either underway or are already on offer for sale. However, if you are buying real estate in Costa Rica with the intention of earning from it, you should consider a property in the Lake Arenal region. Why? This province is home to many thriving residential and resort towns that offer wide-ranging options for buyers like you. With a growing number of Americans discovering the charm of living by the largest lake in Costa Rica, the real estate market in the Lake Arenal region has been experiencing a steady growth in recent years.  This bullish market condition is a boon for buyers who wish to use their lakefront homes as a vacation retreat as well as a source of rental income. Here is a glimpse into the real estate market of this region.

Attractive Pricing

Despite the increasing popularity of Lake Arenal among overseas buyers, adventure enthusiasts, and wealthy retirees, properties here are still affordable. Evidently, with the objective of capitalizing on the beauty of the lake, several internationally acclaimed builders have come down to the place to take part in the region’s real estate race. They have developed world-class resorts, single family vacation homes, and gated residential communities, many of which are located on both sides of the two-lane thoroughfare that circumvents the lake.  All these properties offer a magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding suburbs. If you do not want to live exactly on the shore, you can explore the single-family homes in the interiors. They are closer to the forest and offer waterfall views or feature hot spring within the boundary of the property. Despite their remote locations, they have access to utilities and are connected to the main road.

Developed With Outdoor Enthusiasts in Mind

For stress-wary urbanites, the name Costa Rica conjures up the image of lush greenery fringed with lava spewing volcanoes and dotted with calm and pristine lakes. While vacationing in this paradise, anybody would like to optimize their interaction with nature. Thus, most of the properties in this picturesque district have been developed with a goal of facilitating a great outdoor lifestyle for their occupants. No wonder, most of the properties in this region share two common features – lofty patios with cover and smaller interior living areas. To facilitate a true-blue waterfront lifestyle, most of the lakeside communities provide their residents amenities like boat storage spaces and docks.

Rental Options

If you don’t want to lock in money at the moment, you can explore the rental market in the area. Properties can be available under both a long and a short term lease contract. Generally, utilities are included in the rent amount.

Buying real estate in Costa Rica is a lucrative proposition for buyers like you who want to use it both as a vacation and investment property. The great weather of the area ensures that your vacation home will be in demand in the touristy circles throughout the year. However, always do your due diligence before zeroing in on any particular option. Don’t let your desire to live by the water lure you into putting your money in a wrong property. Finding the right property should not be difficult if you buy it from a well-known realtor brand of the region. The lake area has a thriving expat community; ask for their advice before making a move.

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