Different Ways To Set Up Various Mexican Catering Options

Mexican catering in Orange County for the celebration can be the ultimate birthday treat. You don’t have to worry about cooking, setting up, or planning out your meals. Everything is done perfectly for you and your only responsibility is to eat.

If you love Mexican food then you can rely on an authentic caterer to cater your meals. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to Mexican food. The final choice depends on the type of Mexican food you need and how you want the food to be displayed. Read on to find ideas and know what the best options are for your party. You can even mix multiple types to fit your catering needs and keep your guests satisfied.

Nacho bar

These are often a favorite Mexican food and guests can enjoy what they want with nachos. A catering firm has the ability to set up a nacho bar with all the hot toppings your guests will want. The base of nachos would include chips. The main protein that a nacho bar features include ground meat and other types of meats such as chicken or steak. Depending on your budget, you can feature multiple types of meat for your nacho bar.

You can also add a number of toppings to your nacho bar selection. This includes peppers, cheese, various types of beans and other types of vegetables such as olives.

Mexican finger foods

If the type of party you are hosting doesn’t encourage sitting to take a formal meal then you can talk to your Mexican catering company to include Mexican finger foods. In this case, you will still enjoy a wide range of Mexican foods in an easy-to-eat style. There are different catering options including different finger foods that can be combined to form larger platters.

Mexican finger foods come in different forms and are easy-to-grab options. This includes different fried Mexican foods. A taquito is one of the main options to choose from. It can include a variety of flavors and different types of dipping options. You can also choose from other types of Mexican poppers. Quesadillas can also be cut up and served in slices that are easy to grab. Large platters are maintenance-free. They require little when it comes to extras such as napkins and forks.

Taco platters

If you want quick meal options then you can order catering that comes with pre-made taco platters. With these platters, you can customize your tacos any way you wish and they will come served exactly as you want them. You may want a basic taco with tomato and meat cheese. You also have the option of loading your tacos up with extras. When it comes to ordering taco platters, you have the option of choosing between soft-shell and hard-shell. You can mix the two to increase the variety. Even though tacos come pre-made, you have numerous extras to add to them.

Your Mexican catering in Orange County can provide your party with a variety of salsas. When you have a variety of salsas available, it gives people the option to choose various spice levels.

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