5 Mistakes Brides Make on Their Wedding Morning

Wedding is a very special and big day of bride & groom’s life as they are going to enter in a life where they have partners to share cherish happiness, share sorrows and spend every up & down together for whole life. But, do you have noticed brides seem very nervous as well as excited on the day of marriage ceremony. Marriage is a big celebration and you have to prepare for that over months like Wedding Cards, destination wedding. A little nervousness and excitement is good thing but higher quantity of emotions tends to create mistakes. Being a bride, it is natural to become nervous and commit mistakes. Here we are listing down some of the mistakes a bride make on their wedding day . Read carefully, so you can avoid such mess on your life’s beautiful day:

Not eating & drinking too much

It’s going to be a long day and staying with an empty stomach isn’t a good idea. In moods of excitement & nervousness having full meal isn’t in the list but you can have small snacks and enjoy while you’re getting married.

One glass of juice, wine or water is enough to calm the nervousness. Repeating it is out of the question because it can create trouble during ceremony or walking down the aisle. If you don’t want to be buzzed or wasted before walking down the aisle.

Finish DIY projects

Don’t ever plan to wake up early and complete all the remaining DIY projects like arranging flowers, putting all the wedding favor together, print out place cards, checking arrangements etc. this way, you’ll be starting your day severely stressed out.

Running out of schedule

It’s not cool for the brides who are not punctual or running one or more hour late for the nuptials. Bride is the centre of attraction and nothing will begin without her presence so be on time and start getting ready an hour before.

Choosing different styles

Hopefully you had hair style and makeup trials several times before the day of wedding. It’s not a good idea to switch to other things or styles on the morning of wedding. It will only become stress for you and your stylist.

Worried about weather                                        

Checking the weather forecast within few minutes will drive you & your surrounding crazy. Don’t panic. You can’t control the Mother Nature.

Don’t answer your phone, stay calm and focus on getting ready and avoid such mistakes to keep you out of stress.


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