Mobile Dental Clinics For The Aged

A mobile dentist should always be available for people who are elderly, frail or under special care. One of the hardest things for an older person, especially one who is frail or who is in a care home and is not mobile, is to get to a health care professional. Doctors have always made it easy for older people, doing home visits and also there are several emergency hospitals or clinics that are available in the nearby vicinity, and there are ambulances. This does not apply to dentistry though, which is why mobile dentistry is such a great idea and it is happening in California.


Where are mobile dentists?


There are not yet mobile dentists or mobile dental clinics all over the United States of America but there are mobile dentists in California who specialize in home care dental visits, especially at old age centers. It works easily in that the mobile dental clinic comes to the home. The mobile dentists can perform all the traditional treatments and procedures that a dentist would perform in his dental practice – a regular oral hygiene cleaning, checking for cavities, pulling teeth if they have decayed, replacing teeth, root canal and or dental implants. As so many older people are also struggling with tooth decay and tooth loss, dental implants or dental plates with false teeth are always a necessary option.


A mobile dentist is a dentist who is used to working with older people, whose mobile dental clinic is totally professional and well equipped, and who has a good bedside manner. Aside from that, a mobile dentist is fully professional and has the same qualifications than an ordinary dentist, perhaps specializing in geriatric care.


You can find out of there is a mobile dental practice and mobile dentist in your area with one simple phone call.

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