Nunavut Culture: Explore Effective Options

You may never heard of some place like this before. It is obvious thing to remain unaware of such place in our busy day schedule. Nunavut is a newly formed country cut from the northern region of Canada. After a treaty signed between people of Nunavat territory and Canadian government, an Act was passed which ultimately results in formation of Nunavat in 1999, April 1.

The region is very scarcely populated but it is one of the biggest territories making it the fifth largest country in the world. Although, the place is not densely populated but it has indeed a diverse cultural aspects. People love to care for each other and spend time with family and friends whenever it is possible exploring effective Nunavut Culture.

Diverse Culture of Nunavut

The people of Nunavat speak Inuktitut which is a main language used by the people here. However, the only other language which the Intuit people speak is English. So if you ever think of going to Nunavut for vacations, you need not to worry. People in Nunavut have always called themselves as “Inuit” which means “The People”. The Inuit culture is quite known to the world because of its diverse nature. There are approximately 25 communities spread all over Nunavat.

If you ever opt to come out to this place you will find the people to be very much caring. Not only they all care for each other but they also cares for any visitors. People are ready to help each other all the time. Love to laugh around, throw jokes at each other just like every other human being love to do. At the same time, people here in Nunavut are calm, responsible, disciplined and practical which you will find in each and everyone across the nation. It is beloved that such qualities are shared to them by their ancestors and are to be passed to the coming generations. Well such elements are required to survive in harsh climates of Artic Circle revealing the real feature of Nunavut Culture.


Some people of Nunavut who still are living in igloos can be seen practising the traditional ways of living. In this modern technology days, they all love to stay in small igloos, hunt like their ancestors taught them and live together for as long as possible. Although snow mobiles are now used as major means of transportation but still dog sledge can be easily seen without much efforts.

Sharing of each and everything they have is the major culture which has enabled them to survive for thousand years or more. A best practice which still prevails among the Intuit people is that they smile at each other instead of saying “hello, how are you”. This is probably the best way to greet each other in Nunavut.

There is one more thing which plays a vital role in Inuit people’s life i.e Gods. Spiritualism is something which the people of Nunavut believe a lot and this is what has made them survive the hardships faced by them during bad time. Inuit people still believes in such things and this is probably the best part Nunavut Culture. There are lots of values and meanings attached with Inuit people which one will never understand if they don’t go to such place.

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