SEO or Social Media Marketing, Which One Should You Choose?

SEO or Social Media Marketing

When you speak of modern marketing techniques, you cannot miss out on SEO and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Businesses around the world, small or established, rely on these techniques to improve their reach. So, judging which one of them would be more beneficial for your business is quite difficult.

Another reason for this is that both the techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. While one helps you hold a rank on SERP, drawing organic traffic to your business, the other enables you to expand your horizon of reach. And in the modern world, for a business to be called a success, choosing one among the two for your business is a big dilemma.

It has been observed that most Perth SEO services expertise and offer both services. However, an optimum mix of both is advised by experts for a successful marketing plan.


SEO is improving the visibility of a business on the internet by increasing its rank on SERP. Successful completion of this process demands proper planning and knowledge about the same.

SMM is a marketing technique that uses social media platforms to build relationships and brand awareness among the netizens. It’s a fact that SMM is one of the most in-demand marketing techniques because of the large number of active social media users.

To assess which modern marketing technique is suitable for your business, consideration of advantages and disadvantages of both is necessary. A few pros and cons of SEO and SMM are mentioned below.

Advantages of SEO

  • Application of SEO is the best way to earn organic traffic and build trust and credibility on customers and search engines.
  • With the application of a great SEO strategy and engaging content, you can set up authority in your niche.
  • Since SEO is a continuous process, it facilitates a 24×7 promotion opportunity.


  • Considering the involvement of an expert SEO agency to carry out the process, the process can be expensive.
  • SEO is an arduous process. To witness the results of the SEO process, you need to wait for about four to six months.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Proper usage of social media platforms can help you reach out to many patrons in a short span. By appropriate use, it means posting blogs, photos, and other engaging content regularly. You can opt for content marketing tactics to build fresh and engaging content.
  • With a private messaging facility on social media platforms, SMM helps you build brand loyalty by providing a one-on-one relationship with your patrons.


  • SMM brings a high risk of negative publicity with it. So, it is suggested to take the help of SEO experts to tackle them effectively.
  • A risk of dilute brand voice is associated with SMM if more than one person operated the business account.

Summing Up

It is a fact that no matter which technique you choose for your business, you have to spend your blood and sweat on successful results. However, considering time and finances, it is advisable to opt for expertise from Perth SEO services.

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