Sikkim – Journey Begins With A Single Step

The feeling of always walking towards the direct direction is wonderful. Beyond the normal places of human awareness at the sea level, there are many places which are unknown to people and Sikkim is one such place. Sikkim is one of the far eastern states of India and one of the best kept secrets in the Indian Himalayas. Sikkim is known as the land of dramatic outline with profound valleys, rugged mountains and dense forest consort. Full of beautiful culture and landscapes.  It also offers abundant adventure opportunities like Trekking, Rafting and Kayaking and many more.

Trekking in Sikkim has lately been released by enthusiasts with curious streak, trekking has its own charm allowing visitors to experience crossing over from sub-tropical to temperate zones.

If you are travelling alone and do not want too many people on the trail, then trekking is the perfect option. Following are the treks in Sikkim Himalayas:

  1. Darjeeling Kanchenjunga Trek:

This trek is not at all easy but is worth the time and efforts that one will put. Rewarded by spectacular views of the mountain peak will take away all your pain and is borne to be the best treks in Sikkim.

Darjeeling is famous all over the world for its tea estates and the toy train but there is more to it if the flavor is enhanced by the trekking to Kanchenjunga.

  1. Yuksom Goecha La Trek:

Yuksom Goecha La Trek is one of the easiest and the shortest trekking tour but with the caution of proper accommodation. The Altitude to which the trekking is done is not too much, but still enough to make one active.

  1. Yuksom Dzongri Trek:

Yuksom Dzongri Trek is even smaller, as it is been taken from Yuksom Goecha La Trek. A cluster having individuals of mixed age-groups, can opt for this trek without worrying much about getting it completed and the journey one has will be refreshing.

  1. Green Lake Trek:

Green Lake Trek is completely unique, here the trekker will have to cover many places en-route to reach the green lake. Here the journey is more significant than the destination and the places that one views while covering the journey makes it significant.

  1. Barsey –Rhododendron Trek:

Rhododendron, the term signifies a flower of dark pink which grows as bushes makes the backdrop worth paying attention to.

The trekking would include Borong, Maenam and Yumthang.

You will also get to see Kalijhar, Phoktey, Uttarey Valley and then finally reaching to Barsey, if the root taken is different.


Only a few individuals are aware and believe that the physical exercises can arouse not only body but also mind. Sikkim is one of that places which are rich in natural scenic view and trekking opportunities for both the group trekkers and for the loan traveler as well and if travelling is your passion then it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times and this makes and this makes Sikkim a must visit place.

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