Spine Surgery: What patients can expect after having Laminotomy


These back treatments involve cutting away a part of lamina to uncover the ligamentum flavum, a ligament that supports the back column. After that a small cut is made in ligamentum flavum, through which the spinal nerve is accessed. Once the compressed nerve can be seen, which is attached to the bunch of nerve fibers at the end of the spinal cord, back surgeon Florida tends to find out the cause of compression such as a bulging disc or perhaps a bone spur.

Patients Expectation after Surgery

Though this technique involves minimal or non-invasive techniques; some patients may require a longer hospital stay. After treatment most patients will notice quick improvement of some or all of their symptoms whilst other symptoms may took some time and improve as the time passes.

This type of surgical treatment can also be performed by use of microscope and micro surgical techniques and then it is called as a microdiscectomy. This treatment normally requires a very small cut and will remove only that portion of your bulging disc, which is hurting one or more spinal nerve roots.

After the lamina is removed and compressed area of the nerve is visualized underneath the nerve root the pressure is alleviated by removing the source of compression—herniated disc, a bone spur, or in some instances a tumor. It depends on the surgeons’ decision and the conditions of the patients’ whether implantation necessarily needed or not to stabilize the spine. When the surgical opening is closed it leaves behind a minimal scar.

As you look forward to your back surgery, also make yourself prepared for the recovery phase. The goal of back surgeon Florida is to create a remedial, comforting, and optimistic environment to make sure the best chances of a successful surgical result. These must haves will also help you maintain your psychological and physical condition on your journey to recovery. In-take of high fiber foods helps you in fast recovery after spine surgery procedure. Foods like berries, apples, pears, prunes, broccoli, green peas, corn, oatmeal, black beans, lentils etc. will help in speedy recovery.

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