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Internet is a wizard that has been integrated with our lives and today we cannot live without it anymore. Today, smartphones devices usually own by everyone and people are using it for too many activities. Use of internet all day long is a common activity among the cell phone users in terms of social media apps, browsing activities and many other alike.

However, parents and employees are looking forward to spying on browsing activities in order to protect children from digital dangers and to point out lazy employees that used to wasting time respectively. Parents are very concerned about the online safety of the children because they visit multiple types of websites and bookmark inappropriate apps and websites that are quite dangerous for the children.

On the other hand, employees waste working hours on entertaining websites bookmarked on employee’s company’s owned cell phones and computer machines browsers. Therefore, you have install cell phone bookmarksspy app on the target device.

Install cell phone spy app on the target device

If you want to get your hands on your target device browsing activities especially you want to spy on bookmarks on a target cell phone then you need to visit the official web page of the cell phone monitoring software. Let’s discuss the steps to install the phone spy software on the target device.

Step1: use your cell phone browser or PC

Get your hands on your personal cell phone or browser and further you need to connect it with the cyber world. In addition, you need to visit the official web page of the cell phone tracking app.

Step2: Subscribe for the mobile phone spy app

Now you can subscribe for the cell phone monitoring app and in response, you will receive an email alongside the Login ID and password. Once you have it successfully it means you have the subscription and further you need to start the process of installation.

Step3: Take the target device into possession

In addition, you will have to have physical access on the target device you need to get started with the installation process and once you have completed the installation process then you need to end up with the activation process. In addition, when you are about to deal with the activation you will see a pop –up appears on the target device screen. Now make sure to use it if you want to put your target device activities under surveillance secretly. Then you need to use it otherwise you can end up with the process of the activation and you can skip the pop –up message what so ever.

Step4: Use Login Credentials and get access to a web portal

It is the time to use the Login ID and password and further you will be able to get access to the electronic web portal of the android spy app. Now you can further visit the tracking app that empowers you to spy on bookmarks websites on target device cell phone browser. Let’s discuss the tools that enable users

 Spy on Bookmark with best cell phone spy app

Let’s use the tools that empower you to see the bookmarks on the target device browser within no time.

Live screen recording

The end user can perform screen recording of the target device especially when your children or employees are up to on the browser and visits websites and apps. So, you can use live screen recorder software and you can make short videos of the screen back to back in real –time and further you will be able to see the recording of the Chrome in real –time on the target device having access to the online control panel.

Browsing History

You can view the target device browsing activities to the fullest with complete time stamp and accuracy. You can view the visited websites and apps and as well as you can spy on bookmarked on your target cell phone to the fullest with the use of phone monitoring app.


The end user can use mobile phone surveillance app on the target device you can easily monitor bookmarks on the target device browser.

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