Applications Of Thermal Cameras In The Automotive Industry

Ever wondered how you can benefit from a thermal camera for a car? There are different ways you can benefit from a quality thermal camera. Having an accurate perception of the surrounding of your vehicle and using the perception to plan your path and operate your vehicle safely is one of the top challenges that automotive users face.

Having a sensor system that can perceive the environment in all weather and lighting conditions is crucial. Thermal devices work with heat and not light. This means that they do a great job of detecting living things and pedestrians that you would want to avoid when driving, especially at night.

They are also great at seeing through different types of bad weather such as seeing in difficult lighting situations fog and so on. When you are driving into sunset or sunrise, a human driver squints his or her eyes and this gives them a less complete picture of the road. This can cause dangerous driving situations.

Visible cameras can be blinded in such situations. But because a thermal device sees heat, the sun will be a small disk in the sky and we can determine animals and objects ahead of the vehicle easily. Since headlights are not very warm, they cause no blooming issues for thermal devices.

How thermal devices perform in different conditions such as harsh weather and low light

Since a thermal camera looks at heat and not light, we need no light to see. This technology was developed for military applications to provide soldiers with the ability to see. That is one of the top benefits that these cameras bring to the vehicle perception – a scene of self-illuminates since everything around us emits heat. Thermal cameras can detect the surroundings even in total darkness and this gives us good visibility when driving at night.

With thermal devices, you can see through different types of fog. This means that if there are pedestrians approaching or people walking along the sidewalk, you might not be able to see them with naked eyes when driving in foggy weather but when your vehicle has thermal devices, you will be able to see pedestrians well.

Increasing safety on the road

Thermal devices can improve advanced assistance systems when driving and some cars have advanced automatic emergency braking systems to avoid heating things, people and animals while driving.

Application of vehicle-mounted thermal imaging cameras

Most high-resolution thermal imaging cameras are applied to different types of vehicles such as recreational vehicles, buses and commercial trucks. They are also used in ambulances to improve the driver’s vision at high speed. The cameras can also be found in military and heavy vehicles used in construction. These cameras are effective when it comes to obtaining road conditions that our eyes cannot obtain.

Benefits of vehicle-mounted thermal imaging cameras

Thermal camera for car come with a lot of benefits. The invention of these cameras has improved traffic safety and provides another layer of protection for our safety.

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