Things to Do In Ladakh and How to Reach Ladakh

Ladakh is a destination that will always remain engraved in the minds of the traveler’s. In this age of Instagram you must treat the photographer in you by capturing some breathtakingly beautiful shots and you will also see many different colors in one shot that has the sky, roads, and mountains. Ladakh is also a trekker’s bliss and even if you are not a trekker, still there are some easy routes that you can follow and it’s also a considered a great way to experience ladakh.

There are different means which can you to reach ladakh, such as: bus, train, car/cab, flight.

Through Train:

There are no such direct train from Delhi to Leh Ladakh, as ladakh does not have a railway station. So, a traveler can catch the train to Tawi, Jammu or Chandigarh and then catch a bus or take a cab to Leh ladakh.

Through Flight:

Leh ladakh has a military airport and there are steady Delhi to ladakh flights and has many cheap flights from Delhi to Leh Ladakh by taking the Ladakh Tour Packages.

Through Bus:

Delhi to Leh ladakh bus has many stops. There are direct Himachal Road Transport Cooperation buses from Delhi to ladakh through manali. The total time in covering the distance is 1260 Kms in 35 hours’ time span. The bus proceeds in the afternoon time from Delhi, and passes Chandigarh Sector 43 in the late evening, crossing Kullu early in the morning and manali and then Keylong and after the stay overnight the bus again starts early from Keylong to reach Ladakh in the evening.

Through Car/ Cab:

Travelling to Ladakh from Delhi by road is considered to be an adventure. The road trip by bus, taxi, bikes, Jeep is a lifetime experience for travelers. The distance between Delhi and leh ladakh by road by Leh Manali Highway is about 1011km and the total time in traveling is approximately 24hours.

Traveling to ladakh can be for many reasons. These reasons are:

For its sweeping scenic beauty:

The ladakh region is highland that is layered in ethereal of red, brown, green and grey with large crystal blue water bodies.

For Smacking Momos and Thukkpas:

There is the mass of indigenous Indo-Tibetan sphere and which will make you delight each bite of momos and slurp of thukkpa, there is a spiritual spice hidden in the valley that top-ups the steamy momos to a lip smacking snack.

Vibrant and Indigenous festival:

It will be a delight to your eyes visiting ladakh during the auspicious festivals time to ladakh. Festivals such as Naro Nasjal, Tak and Phyang and many more. These festivals are unique in their own way, but if you activate the traveller inside you, you will be able to find a sensational vibe of ceremonious that drives away the evil spirit.

For Limber up your photography skills:

The desert capes, rivers  capes and mountains capes together offers a wonderful scenic frame to help you limber up your photography skills and get to chance to click innumerable candid moments.


Therefore, travel ladakh to see and capture all the lovely moments by visiting all the places mentioned and make your trip to ladakh a memorable trip and make memories which you will cherish lifetime by experiencing all these wonderful places.

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