To Build Or Outsource? Data Centres In The Modern Office

data centre management

A data centre is a special kind of environment that houses a large number of computer systems, which serve the function of centralising all your IT equipment, and operations. Data centres house all that is needed to ensure the continuity of your daily operations including controls for data communications, backup power and even environmental controls.

If the functionality of this is hampered in any way, it will affect the services or products that you offer. This in turn affects user experience in an adverse manner. To avoid this chaos, you need to opt for a reliable data centre service.

The requirement of a data centre is not what is being questioned. Company owners need to determine whether they want to outsource their data centre needs to a third party, or build their own.

Evaluate: Pain points and Core Focus

The first step is to evaluate what your key business goals are, and evaluate your needs accordingly. Having a narrow focus in this regard will be helpful. Your IT team should devote their time to optimizing certain activities for the strategic advancement of the organisation.

Data Centre Outsourcing: A few advantages

Most organisations understand the need to have specialised attention devoted to their data centre management. While building a data centre will pay huge dividends over time, the operational costs are huge. Outsourcing ensures minimized operational costs, flexibility in daily IT operations, and no obsolescence when it comes to your IT infrastructure.

We have complied a brief list for your convenience:

  • Cost Savings: All costs related to IT equipment, IT labour, upgrades and other overheads can be avoided by outsourcing.
  • Scalability: Scaling your own data centre to match your business growth can be tricky. Outsourcing ensures that their services scale up to match your needs, since they cater to organizations of all sizes.
  • Speed: While building your own centre is time and resource intensive, outsourcing will provide speedy solutions.
  • Compliance: Corporate governance requirements can be met with the help of outsourced data centres who will finetune your IT accordingly.
  • Access: With a specialised, reputed service, you will get access to the latest technology and the most advanced tools that are required for efficient data management
  • Accountability: Outsourcing eliminates this concern, especially if your data centre provider signs an SLA (service level agreement). Most reliable centres indulge in this practice, and shoulder the responsibility if they fail to provide.
  • Specialisation: Reputed data centres offer high levels of reliability, while also providing energy efficiency and easy accessibility.

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