Top 5 Resources of Python Courses in 2021

Top 5 Resources of Python Courses in 2021

Python is among the hottest programming languages in 2021. It is among the highlyin-demand, general-purpose, high-levelcoding languages. Python’s syntax is user-friendlywhich is why it is quite easy to understand by beginners. This language is highly scalable and flexible. Italso has a large community base of users.It is simple to learn or improve Python programming skills from the comfort of home with the online resources for Python.

You could use Python for almost anything, from website creation and data processing to machine learning and computer science, owing to its rich set of tools as well as libraries. Getting your hands on the popular Python certifications is another way to upskill yourself and increase your demand in the field. So, if you are new to Python or coding yourself, here are a few of best resources of online Python courses to assist you in getting to terms with the language.

Best Resources to Learn Python Online


EdX offers a great variety of free courses online. Their Python program Analyzing Data may be a perfect way to step out into the broader world of data science for anyone with any Python coding skills. This course provides you with most of the skills you need to use Python to transform raw data into useful knowledge and will familiarize you with the data analysis repositories of Python such as NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, and SciPy.

This course is self-paced and it consists of five sections where sixth section is the last assignment. Each section starts with a description of the principles it will convey before the repositories are implemented and how they are used to achieve the goal defined. To support you use the newly learned skills, there are test questions and laboratory exercises available for you.

LinkedIn Learning

A broad variety of professional development programs are offered by LinkedIn Learning. Among such programs you will find, Advance Your Python Career, which is a great resource to learn Python online effectively. This program is built for somebody who has little time, and if you’d like a fast-paced exposure to Python, it is perfect for you. The tutor uses Python’s Anaconda distribution and develops code in Jupyter’s notebook.

The positive thing about this program is that the trainer starts each lecture by describing the structure and its application, instead of immediately jumping into coding a model, as many fast-paced teaching programs do. A brief introduction to OOP (object-oriented programming) concludes the program.

QuickStart Technologies

QuickStart Technologies is our next favorite online resources to learn Python. They offer multiple data science bootcamp programs partnered with the A-grade universities and colleges in the United States. All of their bootcamp programs has Python learning as a must. Besides offering bootcamp programs, they alsooffer a wide range of Python courses and certification training to help you learn Python from scratch and become an expert of the programming language. They offer both self-paced courses as well as virtual instructor led training. Along with courses, you get your hands on quizzes, articles, practice tests, and much more.

In order to assist you learn like a software engineer and to encourage you to create effective code, the courses at QuickStart Technologies incorporate mathematical and computer concepts, and whether you can incorporate them to solve real problems.

Data Science Academy

The Data Science Academy provides many Python tutorials for beginners and experts alike. With the presumption that the learners have absolutely no idea about coding, they have planned the course. These classes will make the process easier by trying to set up your Windows Python programming environment before clarifying and using all the basing decisions in the programming language.

In terms of execution, as opposed to some of its colleagues, the Data Science Academy seems to have a very smooth player. It really does give you the opportunity to modify the speed of play and write notes. A 30 day free trial throughout which you can take any course in their collection is offered by the Data Science Academy to help you evaluate their tools and courses before without spending a penny.


A wide variety of outstanding courses are offered by Udemy, but their program, The Python Mega Course: Develop 10 Real World Applications, would be particularly good for those with existing Python skills. As suggested by its name , the program teaches you how to use Python to create 10 realistic applications, from basic database query applications to web and desktop applications to dashboard data analysis and visualization, and more.

In the course, which has about 250 video clips categorized into 33 parts, the teacher facilitates the Visual Studio Code IDE. Prior to actually coding the 10 examples in the continuation of the program, the first 8 parts cover the basics of Python and then another 4 cover complex concepts.

Many of the instance apps are followed by a section or two teaching the main elements in the instance. For example, you will know when to use the Tkinter library to create GUIs until building a desktop database application, as well as how Python integrates with repositories, especially PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MySQL.

Once at Udemy, you may pay for the program to get unlimited access. The teacher changes the course periodically and you can get such updates for free after you have purchased the course. Udemy’s player, who is among the best in the league, further strengthens the educational experience. It will help you put notes in the tutorials, in addition to adjusting the sampling rate.

It will also highlight famous places archived by other learners to make you find points of focus. From over a different languages, you also receive subtitles and can even screen an auto-scrolling transcription of the classes. In addition, Udemy’s mobile app does have the option of uploading a tutorial for offline streaming to the phone.

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