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Top 6 Advantages Of Learning Jeet Kune Do Los Angeles

Do you believe that the streets are not safe these days?

Yes, it’s not just the isolated, dark backstreets that are dangerous but the streets we pass by are even not safe.  Crimes like purse-snatching, mugging, pickpocket, catcalling take place on well-populated streets nowadays.

The crime rate has been increasing at an alarmingly high rate. Under this situation, you better be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones if the need ever arises.

For that, you may need training in self-defense. Learning martial arts is an excellent form of self-defense. It is a highly effective and sophisticated form of combat. While there are many forms of martial arts that take years and skills to master, the majority of self-defense classes have developed a rudimentary model, which is easy for an amateur to learn and has proved highly effective for basic self-defense against common thugs.

The martial art form of “jeet kune do” has become quite popular among the western practitioners for the last few years. It is a mixed form of martial arts and borrows largely from the personal philosophy, teachings and fighting style of celebrated martial artist Bruce Lee.

Lee himself has founded this combat technique and has stated that it is “a form of Chinese Kung Fu, yet without form. Jeet Kunehas no definite pattern and is guided by abstract philosophy.

Practitioners of jeet kune do rely on flexibility more than brute strength. They believe in minimal movement with maximum movement.

The literal meaning of jeet kune do is “way of the intercepting fist.”

It is a hybrid of traditional Kung Fu, Wing Chun, fencing techniques, boxing and kickboxing tactics, adapted and personalized by Bruce Lee.

Over time, it has been updated, a little tweaked by martial artists to suit their individual style. One of the main features of jeet kune do is that it is more suited to realistic, street-level fighting situation.

The elaborate traditional moves have been discarded to make it a realistic fighting technique. This makes jeet kune do ideal for people who want to learn martial arts for self-defense.

Are you impressed and curious? If yes, then hurry up and search “jeetkune do Los Angeles.” The result will show you self-defense trainers, experts in jeet kune do, who will help you by teaching you-

  1. How to gain the upper hand in a fight situation.
  2. How to fight in various positions and how to hold your ground, even if you are fighting against multiple opponents.
  3. How to move quickly and strike efficiently, gaining an advantage if your opponent is bigger and heavier than you. Speed, agility,and power are everything.
  4. How to strike precisely and teaching you the weak points of the human body.
  5. How to disarm your opponent if he has a knife, gun or any other weapon.
  6. Train and condition your body to reach its top physical fitness.

So become an expert in self-defense, starting today! Type “jeet kune do Los Angeles,” and you never have to worry about those dark and deserted alleys ever again!

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