Types of Breast Implantation

Breast surgery has been one of the most popular aesthetic surgical procedures for women. For over decades, the breast augmentation has been consistently popular but the emerging trends into this domain have made many options available for women willing to add volume to their chest. The contribution of technological innovation can be seen clearly as the new techniques have advanced the procedure. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why it’s imperative to seek out a certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure.

While undergoing the pre-procedural consultation for Breast Surgery in UAE, candidates are often asked for their preferences with regards to the implants. So let’s discuss and discover the different types of breast implants;

Silicone Implants

These are mainly the gel-filled implants having the silicone outer shell filled with silicone gel. Apparently, these are either textured or smooth shells that come in different sizes. There is actually an age limit for the women willing to use it. Only the ones of age 22 or above can undergo the silicone implant Breast Surgery in UAE. Moreover, it’s also used in the revision surgeries that are mostly used to enhance the outcomes of the original surgery.

There is a misconception wandering pointlessly about the silicone implants that it causes breast cancer. Well, it’s no more than a baseless rumor. In fact, there is no such association of silicone breast implants with any sort of connective tissue disease, reproductive problems or even the breast cancer.

Saline Implants

Such implants are filled with sterile salt water. It’s not harmful even if it starts leaking within women body because saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body. While considering the Breast Surgery in Dubai, women are also asked for the type of implant they want to head on with. The saline implants provide a uniform shape alongside the firmness. 18 is the minimum age for women to have it implanted within their body.

Saline implants are very well known for their approach towards natural look. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why these implants are filled with the salt water. The saline implants also contain an inner structure that is purposed to make the implants feel more natural and less artificial.

Fat Grafting

Mainly known as the Autologous Fat Transfer (AKA Fat Grafting), is used to remove the fat from liposuction the areas of body having abundant fat cells like abdomen, thighs and hips etc. those fat cells are then injected into your body after refinement. For this particular procedure, there are no such implants required. It’s just that your body fat would be change its position to settle in some other part. Since there is nothing artificial involved in this process, it usually turns up with an entirely natural look and feel.

When it comes to using the fat grafting, people usually ask ‘will the body accept that fat’. Obviously, yes! Because it’s not the fat coming from the other human body but from you directly. Therefore, your body won’t reject its own fat.


Read on this article to discover the type of breast implant and their benefits after while implanting.

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