Understanding some common questions about the due date


Quiet often we come across the term estimated due date of delivery. You can consider it to be an onset of labor. It is pretty easy to calculate weeks of pregnancy. Till now there are various mechanisms by which you can figure out how you ovulated and conceived. With a pregnancy record book you can note down the dates. The health professionals figure it out on the basis of the last menstrual cycle. In order to understand more about the exact date you need to figure out the last date of your monthly cycle. You can term it as day one of your pregnancy. In case if you are having a 28 day cycle and you have not got your periods on the assuming date then you are 4 weeks pregnant.

Some people prefer to calculate their date of pregnancy from the time of ovulation. It is going to be the estimated date of conception. It does occur after the last date of your monthly cycle.

In the human body the sperm could stay on for 5 days. For example if you have had sex on Saturday then the date of occurrence of conception could be still there till Thursday. In order to figure out the exact date of conception, just go on to add a couple of days when you had intercourse. The figure might not be accurate but you can have a rough guideline to be precise.

When it is a due date it would be the projected time to have a baby. It has been found out that only 4 % of the babies are born on the due date. Close to 80 % of the babies are born before or after the due date. Because of this precise reason the term due date is being used.

A lot of people try to find out if there is any difference between a due date calculator or a wheel conception calculator. There is no basic difference as such since both of them rely on the last date of your menstrual period to arrive at the conception date or the estimate due date. Just you need to be aware of the exact due date of your last period in order to have reliable results.

You need to be aware that the due date is prone to changes as well.  The simple fact is that if you have irregular periods your due date will change. There is no need on the confirmation of your pregnancy as you will find that the ultrasound is liable to be called off due to irregular periods. It is also to be found out that the due date is not that accurate as well.  The figures would provide you a comprehensive indicator of that.

It is not that you need the services of a pregnancy due date calculator to derive the actual date of pregnancy. You can rely on the ultrasound along with a Doppler effect to figure out the exact due date.

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