Vaping With Zero Nicotine Vapes

nicotine vapes

There is a big debate about health, and zero-nicotine vapes brought from vape shops in New Zealand are the answer to the debate as there is no nicotine at all. And as we all know, nicotine is a big part of what is so dangerous in smoking. Cigarette packs today come with warnings about health and Smoking Killssigns, which has stopped a lot of people from smoking. Luckily there are alternatives to smoking, like vaping.

Zero nicotine

Vaping when you vape with pod vapes that have zero nicotine is a far healthier option with smoking. Lots of tests have been done regarding the safety of vaping and the jury is still out as to how safe or not vaping is. Yet the tests are conclusive about cigarette smoking and that is, cigarette smoking kills. While there are still many cigarette smokers today, and always will be as smoking is very addictive, the tobacco and nicotine are, vaping has become a lot more popular as an option.

One can buy vapes from online vape stores or from specialist vape retail stores. Vaping is very much a personal taste and the beauty about vape pods is the wide variety of flavours. Many vape smokers do not settle on a single type of pod but do experiment with different pods and different tastes and flavours. Vaping, like smoking, can be a solo activity or a social activity and some people have their preferred brands, others like to share a pod or two, being less habitual.


The best way to buy vape accessories, devices and pods is through a specialist vape store, either retail or online. Many online vape shop New Zealand offer specials, daily, weekly or monthly, and have loyalty cards for loyal customers. If you are looking for a safe option, the zero nicotine vape is the way to go.

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