Working and Analysis of Hair Profiler

People are unique individuals, living in a unique environment, and vary in their nutritional requirements unlike anyone else. Keep changing nutrition’s and environmental conditions make them exposed to illness and toxins everyday which generates the ever changing demands for certain nutrients on an ever changing daily basis.

Hair Bio-Profiler- What does it mean?

Hair Bio-Profiler a non invasive technique that uses latest technology helps to find out what the body dietary, nutritional and lifestyle needs to help it perform at an optimum level.

Working of Hair (Bio) Profiler

Hair profiler, one of the best biological monitors and in 18th century it was being used to find out traces of the bodies toxic levels as it accumulates the substantial amount of the bodies’ excretions, making it the best source of information about an individual. Using 50-70 strands the hair and hair analysis techniques through an innovative procedure which analyzes the hairs complex informational patterns. The digitized signals emitted by the human hair are processed through reconstructive algorithms then used to interpret the data to produce real time results.

Analysis of the Results

Why the body is not functioning well, what are the causes associated to the body’s poor cellular environment and the bodies toxins, pathogens, food sensitivities and nutritional requirements all are found out through this hair bio profiler technique. Person going through it would receive detailed, report complete with graphs, details of the findings and recommendations can then be made on how to address your nutrition gaps or challenges.

Results will include:


Hair profiler techniques helps to find out the cause of poor cellular activities and identifies if toxins are causing this problem and if so which ones and what you can do to avoid and remove them helping the proper cellular functioning to occur within the body.


It identifies the bacteria and pathogens which are weakening immune system and show that how one can strengthen the immune system of the body and boost your body’s ability to defend itself.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Deficiency of body nutrients is easily diagnosable through this technique and it also recommends which foods person can have to put things right and boost your health.

Food Intolerance

Hair bio profiler helps the person to track and find out the bodies reaction to 115 foods and ingredients to check intolerance towards them. This helps them to restrain from the foods problems and the stress that can cause effect the body, in return will help speed the recovery to good health.

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